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Hi there! I am Agness and I often call myself a “holistic health and fitness ninja” because I am so passionate about taking a holistic approach to health and longevity through holistic nutrition, mindset practices, and the right movement. I LOVE digging into longevity and bio-hacking studies and testing various approaches to optimize my health. BUT… that wasn’t always the case.

Over 10 years ago, I was struggling with severe acne, extra weight, depression, anxiety, and bulimia. I lacked confidence and self-worth turning to food and work for comfort and distraction. My days revolved around trying to be perfect in every aspect of my life. I sacrificed my sleep to work more so that I can feel worthy of love, appreciation, and recognition. I restricted my food and controlled my exercise regime to look a certain way which resulted in developing binge eating habits that I couldn’t stop so easily. As a consequence of my actions, I had a severe H.Pylori infection, an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) flare-up, and chronic constipation. On Top of that, I was constantly bloated, grumpy, and just mean to myself and others. 

At some point, I had enough of being in pain and feeling sorry for myself and I decided it was time for a change. I didn’t want to feel and look this way anymore. I took action and I reached out for help and shared my story with others. Soon after I started working with a Bioindividual and Functional Nutritionist who educated me on food science. Together we were on a journey to discover a very fascinating (as it turned out to me later) relationship between human biochemistry, genetics, and nutrients. This experience motivated my geeky side to kick in and I also dived into the world of research in health, fitness, and psychology addressing all of the issues I was dealing with – one by one. 

During this phase, I became so interested in human biochemistry, nutrition, and genetics implementing and testing different approaches toward my food, movement, and mind. I became “obsessed” (in a good way) with finding a solution for myself that is sustainable. Amongst many changes, I started cooking my own meals and eating way more nutritious foods that gave me a lot of energy and caused no stomach issues. I swapped my intense everyday gym split routine with daily walks and 3 functional training sessions a week stressing my body less and therefore feeling better and seeing the results I always wanted. I was also practicing daily mindfulness and meditation, I prioritized my sleep and self-care habits. 

And I did succeed! Finally, I was able to say goodbye to acne, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and bulimia! I now wake up every morning excited and motivated to train, cook, eat, and achieve my goals in different aspects of my life. I’m finally full of life!

Why trust and follow me? 

After years of struggles, I finally found solutions that are optimal and sustainable for my body and mind and I can’t wait to share them with others. This has been my expertise and passion for years now and I feel so honored to write about what truly makes me inspired and excited. Follow along with my top guidelines on how I live a holistic lifestyle with balanced nutrition to feel and perform my best. In my content, I’ll cover the following areas:

  • Nutrition: My favorite quick, easy, and yummy paleo recipes. Guidance on healthy eating habits. 
  • Supplements: My favorite products that work for me and support my optimal health.  
  • Exercise: Tips for a functional training routine and how to stay consistent with your fitness lifestyle.
  • Sleep: Tips for healthy sleep habits and strategies to improve sleep quality. 
  • Well-being: Sharing powerful mindset practices such as breathwork and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to drop me a message or comment anytime you wish. I am more than happy to connect with you and answer your questions.