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Lydia is a seasoned rock climber and have been rock climbing since 2015. She is SNCS Level 2 Rock Climbing Certified and her area of discipline is sport climbing. She has embarked on multiple outdoor climbing expeditions in top destinations around the world like Greece, Thailannd and Canada just to name a few. Out of the different forms of climbing she has done, she specialises in lead climbing and her highest climbing grade is a 7a ( 5.11c) red point.

She and a team manages a rock climbing and adventure site called, which was founded in 2013 and provides tangible and useful climbing tips and guides on climbing techniques, gear as well as climbing destinations. 

Apart from rock climbing, Lydia also fuels her core strength and balance techniques by practising yoga for the past 15 years, specifically acro yoga. She has mastered the technique of headstands and is occasionally spotted testing her balance on a paddleboard in her many travels. Stay tuned to her personal insights and advice on both the best climbing equipment as well as useful tips on how to leverage yoga to strengthen your general physical and mental well-being.