Experts Recruitment

Experts Recruitment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the recognition and support for your passion?

We have created this platform to bring together passionate individuals, people like you and I who are experts in their disciplines, to help others who are also passionate about it or just starting out.

You share your experience and know-hows, while others get to learn from you and avoid some of the mistakes you may have made. In return, you get recognition and financial support.

Yes, you read that right, you can even get paid doing what you love, and potentially even get some fame!

Share Passion Earn Rewards

Unleash your fitness expertise, inspire readers, and earn attractive rewards with us!

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What can you Get

Commission Based Profit Sharing

Monetary Reward or cash vouchers for the tips and value you provide

Product and Brand Sponsorship

Become a key opinion leader to your readers

Get visibility among top sports brands in your field

Earn money while chasing your passion. In simple words, let us sponsor your passion in the long run!

Why Join Us as an Expert?

WorkoutCave started with the idea to help people who are passionate about different hobbies and pursuits. In our quest to master the sport and advance further, we find that we lack the expert skills and know-how to bring our passion to the next level. It can be tips, guidance or insider tips on what to buy. In the process, we often make mistakes that slow our progress or waste our time and money.

Our desire is to bring together a team of experts in different fields of fitness and wellness to help others avoid making the same mistakes we have made in the journey to flourish in our passion.

Get Rewarded for your passion - incentives to join as an expert

What are we looking for?

Individuals passionate about the discipline of the sport would like to share their adventures and help others like them groom their passion and avoid the mistakes they made.

Criteria we are looking for in a Workout Cave expert

If you see that you possess some of the qualities below, you are the expert we are looking for:

Have adequate years of experience pursuing the hobby to know what is needed

Possess a significant degree of know-how about the field (workouts, equipment, myths, mistakes)

Enjoy sharing their tips and stories with others

Tested different brands in the past to know what products work best for them/others

Friends go to you for tips on how to pursue the sport better

Expert Incentives Tiers

Discover the benefits of our 5 level tier system, designed to reflect your valuable input to our community and support your passion.



Bio completed and approved


$25 Amazon Voucher

Level 1


1 Article

2 Reviews


$100 Cash

Workoutcave Social Media Shout-out

Level 2


10 Contributions (including minimum 5 reviews)


$500 Cash

5% of Commission Share

Level 3*


All publications up to date

4 Monthly Contributions (including minimum 2 reviews)

Level 2 maintained for 3 months


$100 Cash Monthly

15% of Commission Share

Level 4*


Level 3 requirements

Level 3 maintained for 6 months


$100 Cash Monthly

20% of Commission Share

Level 5*


Agreed individually



*Not fulfilling level monthly requirements will result in level downgrade.

Apply now!

If you are passionate about fitness and eager to share your expertise, we welcome you to apply as a contributor for our blog. Applying is a simple process – just follow the form below and we’ll get back to you!

Referral Program

We are thrilled to introduce our Referral Program at! If you know other fitness experts who could share their knowledge and passion with our readers, we encourage you to refer them to us. For each expert that you successfully refer and who becomes a contributor on our blog, you’ll receive a voucher as a token of our appreciation.


Referral accomplishes Level 1


$25 Amazon Voucher