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My insanity challenge

New Year, new resolutions. As I love challenges, this year I decided to take the insanity challenge – one of the most challenging fitness programs on the market. With my busy life of combining part-time job, full-time master’s programme, cooking + baking and travel blogging, it was a real challenge.

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4 Favourite YouTube workout channels

In today’s note I quickly share with you My 4 Favourite YouTube Workout Channel that I have been keeping fit with for over 3 years.

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Quick and easy pre-workout meals and snacks

Quick And Easy Pre-Workout Meals And Snacks. What you eat before your workout is very important. In fact, it is crucial. Here I share my top Pre-Workout Meals.

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7 Sure-Fire Ways to Kick Start Your Fitness in 2021

The New Year is here and it’s time to step up your fitness game. From Yoga to Weightlifting, Zombies to Climbing – here is my list of 7 sure-fire ways to kick start your fitness in 2021!

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How I Stay Fit as a Traveller

Are you a traveller who struggles to stay fit during the travels? Here are applicable tips that help me stay fit while travelling.