5 Of The Best Warm Up Stretches To Do Before You Start Your Jog

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Partaking in any sort of exercise requires you to warm up your body to avoid injuries or strains in your muscles and body. It can even make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your heart when you prepare to change from a warm up to a brisk run. Rather than remaining static in your stretches, here are some ideas for a few dynamic poses that are sure to make your blood race through your arteries.

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#1 Leg Swings

Stretches are the perfect means of lubricating your joints, opening your capillaries, and even providing benefits for improving your co-ordination. Leg swings incorporate a lot of motion for your calves and require you to hold onto a stable object before standing on one leg and swinging the alternative in a back and forward motion. This should be repeated around 20 times and can even be mixed up with circling motions. Be sure to switch your legs before moving onto an alternative warm up. This can be completed with equipment at any gym, boot camp or even at home against a desk or radiator.

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It is a malleable technique that can be taken anywhere, whether that be prior to a jog around your street or even when you are going for a run on holiday.

#2 Hip and Leg Flexors

Another simple stretch to do in any environment can be derived from flexing from your hips, to your legs, and to your feet. Keep your arms tightly in front of you before gently bending your knee at an angle. Then you will be able to straighten out your leg, slowly, before lowing it back to an angle and returning it to the ground in a straight stance. It is recommended by the NHS that a jogging warm up should take around 6 minutes. If you wish your stretches to be dynamic then you can fit in at least 2 minutes’ worth of these stretches, on both legs, before moving on.

#3 Walking Lunges

These are especially important in preventing your muscles in becoming tight and eventually scarred due to bad strains. Move your left leg forward before leaning it down to a kneeling motion.


Once this is completed then make sure your right knee is touching the floor and is at the same level as your left ankle. Then you can return to an upright position and repeat with the opposite legs. This is a simple but healthy technique for warming up any tight leg muscles.

#4 Marching on the Spot

This is a technique to be done inside the house for around three minutes. Blast out your favorite tunes and start to march your legs up on the spot to the beat. You must keep your arms tucked inward and hands clenched as you march. But if you wish to make this more dynamic, try turning at the same time.

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#5 Ankle Exercises

With any sort of jogging or running, your ankles and feet will be taking most of the pressure of your body. Be sure to twist your ankle, whilst standing on one leg, in a circular motion before repeating with the alternative.

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  1. I do the Hip and Leg Flexor stretches as often as possible, even if I am not training. I should add ankle ones to my routine as well. Great tips Agness

  2. good advice!! sometimes i skip warm up bc i’m trying to get my workout done faster, but i really shouldn’t. thanks for the reminder (:

  3. Some great ideas! I don’t stretch nearly enough, and need to start — I’m getting some stiffness with age. πŸ™ Good post — thanks.


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