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The Idea

WorkoutCave started with a goal of building a place where people can turn for a simple and realistic home workout ideas. My priority and passion is to provide you with workout advice that you can do with:

minimal space
minimal equipment
minimal time

I strongly believe that achievable goals and simplicity is a key to success. Why not check out my 7 Minute Workout at Home to get the idea.

My Story

My journey started by joining a football team at the age of 6 and continue thought judo, running, road cycling, hiking, boxing, volleyball and many more. Currently I play in the English NVL Volleyball League for team URBORND in division 2 South. Check out my team below!



I am extremely lucky to be involved with a local charity called Urbond. I undertake various projects there with the most recent being building and equipping an IT classroom in Guinea, Africa.

What’s in for you?

So why should you visit WorkoutCave? I am working hard to provide you with:

Mikey Lukanowski