Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Under 1000

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If you want to get the best exercise bike for your money, it’s important that you know how to spot a great deal. With all of the different options and brands out there these days, it can be hard to make a decision! Luckily for you, we’ve done some research on recumbent bikes under 1000 dollars in order to help narrow down your search. We are going to talk about our favorite models and what they have to offer so that you can find one that will work well for your needs.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Under 1000

What is the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Under 1000?

To find the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Under 1000 for you we have used several of recumbent bike under 1000 and selected the absolute top 5 recumbent exercise bikes under 1000.

This is based on our first-hand experiences, years of practice as well as individual research on what others have to say, so that we can give you a more well-rounded review.

Feel free to scroll to the end of this article for a short buying guide and some frequently asked questions.

1. Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series R618

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series R618
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Size: 67.3 x 48.8 x 26.4 inches (170.9 x 124 x 67.1 cm)
Resistance Type: Electromagnetic
Resistance Levels: 25 levels
Material: Steel
Screen Type: Dual-Mode LCD
Screen Size: 7.5 inches

Seeking a workout with more kick? Give the Nautilus R618 recumbent a shot. This mid-level machine surpasses many with its enhanced features, tailoring to devoted cyclists and those pushing for high-intensity sessions. It’s decked out with 29 adaptable workout schemes and pairs seamlessly with various apps through Bluetooth, including one for group virtual cycling adventures. The console is designed to hold your tablet and stream your chosen tunes. Though it claims a larger footprint, when stacked against the Schwinn 270, its value proposition in terms of price and features is commendable. It’s built for user comfort, boasting a movable console, an integrated fan, individual profiles, and a designated spot for your beverage. The plush seat can be adjusted with minimal fuss. The handlebars are equipped for heart rate monitoring and resistance alterations. The machine employs an electromagnetic resistance mechanism, which is power-driven, and with its specialized flywheel, riders experience a seamless pedal across 25 resistance tiers, making it versatile for a broad spectrum of fitness enthusiasts.


  • Compatible with a variety of free fitness tracking apps,
  • It comes with various comfort and convenience features,
  • Excellent warranty package that includes labor,
  • Allows customized user-profiles and training programs,
  • Drive system provides smooth pedaling action on all levels


  • Heavy construction with a large footprint,
  • No height adjustments for the saddle,
  • Seat and backrest angles may be uncomfortable,
  • Apps may not sync with all phones

2. SCHWINN 270 Recumbent Bike

SCHWINN 270 Recumbent Bike
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Resistance Type: Friction
Resistance Levels: 25 levels
Material: Carbon Steel
Screen Type: Dual-Track LCD
Screen Size: 5.5 inches

The Schwinn 270, though pricier, is great for experienced riders or those seeking an intensive workout. It can handle up to 300 pounds, catering to people between 4’10” and 6’4″ tall. The seat adjustment is hassle-free with a lever on an aluminum rail, and twelve user profiles can be saved. The bike sports a special flywheel and 25 resistance levels to mimic outdoor biking. The dual-screen displays 29 workout programs and 13 workout metrics, with a holder for your iPad and Bluetooth for syncing with fitness apps. You can monitor your heart rate through the handles or use a chest strap. I also like the USB and MP3 ports, the fan, the water bottle holder, and the ventilated comfortable seat. It’s easy to move with wheels and a handle, has leveling adjustments for uneven floors, and offers an option to buy a protective floor


  • Accommodates up to 12 different users,
  • Allows you to customize your workout programs,
  • Easy to make seat adjustments with a single lever, Easy to store thanks to inline wheels,
  • Mechanism can simulate outdoor riding


  • Inaccurate heart rate monitor,
  • Customer service not always efficient

3. JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults Seniors

JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults Seniors
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Size: 53.5 x NaN x 19.3 inches (135.9 x NaN x 49 cm)
Resistance Type: Magnetic
Resistance Levels: 8 levels
Material: Premium Steel
Screen Type: LCD
Screen Size: 5 inches

For those seeking gentle exercises, like seniors or people with joint issues, the JEEKEE recumbent bike is an option. With its robust frame, it accommodates up to 300 pounds. It provides stability but lacks adjustment for uneven surfaces. It offers quiet workouts due to its dual belt drive, with eight resistance choices. The interconnected pedals and flywheel allow backward pedaling. Though many found it easy to set up, some had difficulties with unclear guidance. The seat is supportive, but adjustments are made using a knob with nine settings.


  • The saddle has a high 6’5″maximum height allowance,
  • Features a low profile design for easy access,
  • Resistance system provides low-intensity exercise,
  • It comes with excellent customer service


  • “No way to sync the console with your smartphone,
  • Seat adjustment not ideal for short people,
  • Assembly may not be easy for some people”

4. SCHWINN Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike

SCHWINN Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Resistance Type: Magnetic
Resistance Levels: 16 levels
Material: Steel
Screen Type: LCD
Screen Size: 5.5 inch

The SCHWINN 230, an electric recumbent bike in the mid-price range, is equipped with features that are standard for its cost. It has 16 resistance settings and 13 set workouts for fitness enthusiasts. Its specialized flywheel offers quiet, smooth cycling sessions. It showcases a 5.5-inch display, a tablet holder, and comfortable handlebars. It can display six workout stats, but the Bluetooth functionality is limited. The screen might be hard to read for some due to the absence of backlighting. The assembly process is a bit tricky because of the vague manual. While it has an adjustable seat with ventilation, some recommend an extra cushion for prolonged usage. It’s valued for promoting good health and its robust construction. It offers a substantial warranty but can be a bit hefty and not easy to shift.


  • Features 13 pre-set programs for interval training,
  • Easy to adjust saddle for a customized fit,
  • Excellent warranty package on frame and parts,
  • Ideal for weight loss and moderate-intensity training


  • Not suitable for tall people

5. Sunny Health Recumbent Bike SF-RB4631 with Arm Exerciser

Sunny Health Recumbent Bike SF-RB4631 with Arm Exerciser
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Size: 52.5 x NaNNaN inches (133.3 x NaNNaN cm)
Resistance Type: Magnetic
Resistance Levels: 8 levels
Material: Steel
Screen Type: LCD
Screen Size: 10 cm

RB-4631’s arm exercisers on recumbent bikes aid in amplifying upper body workouts and fortifying shoulders. Merging this with weight-based activities can uplift cardiovascular fitness. Its arm features target the upper body, promoting an elevated calorie burn. The bike’s robustness can hold users up to 350 pounds. Its user-centric design allows for comfortable entry, and it’s mobile due to its wheels. Even weighing 91 pounds, putting it together is no fuss. Its weight guarantees stability during activities. A special feature is the ability to use arm exercisers without the pedals in motion. The wide, adjustable seat is comfortable, though some might find its padding a bit hard. Resistance-wise, it peaks at a medium level and showcases an easy-to-use LCD screen.


  • Delivers a smooth and quiet pedal action,
  • Features arm exerciser with high friction resistance,
  • Sliding saddle adjustment for a comfortable fit,
  • Sturdy frame with a high user weight limit


  • Saddle padding may be uncomfortable,
  • Poor build quality and durability


To sum up, out of the top 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Under 1000, our absolute top pick is Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series R618.

If you have the money, you can go for SCHWINN 270 Recumbent Bike which is our premium pick.

However, there’s nothing wrong with going for the budget option, which we found to be the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults Seniors.

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What You Should Know Before Buying recumbent exercise bikes under 1000


Comfort is a key aspect of the design of recumbent exercise bikes, perfect for individuals requiring upper body support while exercising. The low-profile design makes it easier for the elderly, overweight, and infirm to safely use the bike, while the bucket seats offer back support and balance, lessening stress on lower body joints.


All gear, including recumbent exercise bikes, need regular maintenance, and it’s recommended to have your bike checked for any wear and tear every six months or so. Also, frequently check the bike for loose nuts and bolts and lubricate the mechanical parts to keep it in good condition. Additionally, clean the handlebars, seat, and digital console with a soft cloth and antibacterial cleaner after each workout for cleanliness.

Types Of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

While there’s a large variety in how recumbent road bikes are built, recumbent exercise bikes have only minor variations in design features. These include digital versus manual consoles, different seat adjustments, drive mechanisms, and sizes. We have detailed these features below.

The Key Features Of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The standout design characteristic of recumbent exercise bikes is the adjustable reclined seat with a backrest for comfort during lower body exercise. Other important features include the bike’s dimensions and weight, materials for durability, a display to check your workout, and resistance levels. Unlike upright bikes, most recumbent bikes don’t have handlebars but feature support bars beside the seat or moving handlebars for arm exercises like on the Sunny Recumbent Exercise Bike. However, dual-action bikes like the Xspec Dual Exercise Bike allow the option of using it as an upright or recumbent bike, featuring handlebars for the upright position and support bars for the reclined position.


Stationary bike pedals are of three types: clip-ins, flat, and hybrids. Clip-ins and hybrids are often on upright and spin bikes, while recumbent exercise bikes mainly come with flat pedals made from steel or plastic. Most flat pedals are textured and feature a plastic strap or an adjustable toe-cage strap to hold the front part of your foot tightly on the pedal, avoiding slips.


The intensity of your workout is determined by resistance, and the more budget-friendly recumbent exercise bikes have 8 – 12 levels. Typically, exercise bikes employ a resistance mechanism that alters the pressure on the bike’s flywheel, making the pedaling effort resemble cycling uphill or on flat ground. There are various resistance systems, including friction, magnetic, and electromagnetic. They operate similarly, but friction magnetic resistance offers an immediate change in resistance like a road bike when you turn the knob. Magnetic bikes are manual and don’t require electricity, while electromagnetic ones do, which makes them more expensive. Magnetic bikes also exhibit a slight delay when you change the resistance level.


Comfort is a critical aspect of the design of recumbent exercise bikes, ideal for people needing upper body support while working out. The low-profile design aids the elderly, overweight, and infirm in safely getting on the bike, with the bucket seats offering back support and balance, reducing stress on the lower body joints.


Saddle adjustments on recumbent exercise bikes help fit the bike to your leg length for reaching the pedals. Two adjustment types exist depending on the bike’s design. One affordable type moves two parts of the frame to bring the saddle nearer to the pedals, like the Marcy ME-709 bike. This design has pre-set holes for positioning the seat, secured with a pin and knob. Other bikes use a lever system to lock the seat position, allowing saddle adjustment while sitting, though these are pricier and ideal for commercial settings like gyms. The saddle design supports your back and lower joints, and correct positioning prevents pain and injury. Ensure your knees aren’t overly bent or stretched, and your legs are at or above hip level to protect your lower back.

Storage Space

Some recumbent exercise bikes include extra features such as media racks for your tablet or phone, enabling you to watch or read while exercising. Built-in speakers, Bluetooth, and USB drives are common in midrange models for connecting your devices for entertainment and uploading workout data to apps like MyFitnessPal. Other comfort features to look for are built-in fans for cooling and gel padding on seats to lessen fatigue during long workouts.

Drive mechanism

When buying a recumbent exercise bike, you’ll often hear about the drive mechanism. This primarily refers to the flywheel, a disc positioned in the bike’s front. It’s this part that provides the bike’s resistance. Most often, this flywheel is encased and attached to the pedals by a chain or belt. Its weight determines the level of resistance, trying to mirror the feel of outdoor biking. Two main versions exist: the perimeter and center-weighted flywheels. The first has its weight around the edges, making it resemble a traditional road bike’s feel. It’s a bit heftier and might take more effort initially, but it’s great once in motion, especially for those with joint issues. The center-weighted version, on the other hand, is lighter and might be pricier. Its ride might not be as steady but is easier to control, ideal for those with joint concerns.

Extra Features

Some recumbent exercise bikes include extra features such as media racks for your tablet or phone, enabling you to watch or read while exercising. Built-in speakers, Bluetooth, and USB drives are common in midrange models for connecting your devices for entertainment and uploading workout data to apps like MyFitnessPal. Other comfort features to look for are built-in fans for cooling and gel padding on seats to lessen fatigue during long workouts.


How much a recumbent bike costs is based on its features. The simple ones are priced from 200 to 600 dollars, suitable for everyday light exercises. More advanced bikes are between 600 and 1200 dollars. For intense workouts, brands like the Star Trac S-RBx can be as high as 3000 dollars.

Questions and Answers About recumbent exercise bikes under 1000

How Much Do Recumbent Exercise Bikes Cost?

If you’re on a budget, you can find recumbent bikes from $200 to $500 with simple features, great for light workouts or for seniors. But if you spend more, you’ll get bikes with more settings, perfect for those aiming for intense workouts.

Do You Need Extra Features?

If you opt for a higher-priced recumbent, it might have extras. But think about your needs. Even a basic bike with strong resistance can help you get fit.

Do recumbent bikes work abs?

Cycling on a recumbent bike targets your core and abdominal muscles. Additionally, this form of cardio can assist in fat loss, emphasizing your abs.

What’s better recumbent bike or upright?

Recumbent bikes favor comfort and are ideal for those with certain ailments. Uprights, however, are tailored for a more intense workout.

Is recumbent bike as good as walking?

Whether biking on a recumbent or walking, both are commendable for cardio exercises and weight reduction. The resistance in biking could result in burning more calories, but walking at a good pace might top a leisurely bike session. Bikes are softer on your joints with their seated design, but walking is a champion in bolstering bone density.

Are recumbent bikes any good?

Recumbent bikes, when weighed against upright variants, present remarkable advantages such as enhanced upper body relaxation and softer workout routines. These features are particularly beneficial for older individuals, those who are overweight, and those with health restrictions. Yet, these bikes are also adept at delivering the rigorous training levels a seasoned cyclist might seek, and they do so with reduced physical strain.

Are recumbent bikes a good workout?

Certainly, you can achieve a sound cardio workout with recumbent bikes. Initial models are more relaxed, but the advanced ones cater to seasoned cyclists. They help tone your legs and are ideal for folks looking for low-impact exercises.

How Do I Choose A Recumbent Bike?

The right recumbent bike meshes with your fitness aspirations. Integral traits to scout for include resistance thresholds; bikes with 12 or more levels suit rigorous workouts. Comfort considerations, such as seat modifications and plush seating, are cardinal. For ease of access, especially for those less nimble, step-through designs are a boon. While pricing is a determining factor, ensure quality, durability, and warranty aren’t sidelined.

How long should I ride my recumbent bike?

The amount of time you allocate to your recumbent bike will be shaped by your fitness agenda. For the older age group or those desiring gentler workouts, 30 minutes on a daily basis suffices. Yet, if shedding kilos or ramping up fitness and cycling expertise is the objective, a 60-90 minute routine five days a week will be potent. Always be vigilant of not overextending yourself to keep potential injuries at bay.

Does the recumbent bike tone legs?

Generally, cycling activities sculpt the legs. Recumbent bikes, though seeming effortless, work on your thigh, calf, and leg muscles, and the hips and butt get a low-key workout.

Can I lose weight on a recumbent bike?

Riding a bike is more than just fun; it’s a way to lose weight. You burn calories while cycling, and with the right meals, you can achieve weight loss.

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