15 Must-Have Items for an Active Weekend Getaway

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You know how active I am, especially when traveling. Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a long backpacking trip, I make sure to carry a few necessary items. If you’re wondering what items you should bring for your active weekend getaway, here’s a quick and easy guide for you!

15. Shelter


Some active weekend getaways are done in a well-equipped facility, but some are done in the wild outdoors where you’re at the mercy and grace of Mother Nature. If you’re on an overnight camping, hiking or climbing expedition, you should bring with you some form of temporary shelter – a tent, hammock, waterproof sleeping bag or tarp. If not, at least bring a knife or handy tool that allows you to gather materials and build yourself a makeshift shelter in the wild. There is a great range of tips to get more sleep!

14. Light and Fire

Again, you may be doing your physical stents indoors or in locations with full access to power and other utilities. In cases when you’re not, bring a flashlight, headlamp, or something to make fire with like a match, lighter, or flint. When in the wild, fire can help brighten up your campsite, ward off wild animals and insects, and help cook your food and purify your water.

13. Backpack or Travel Bag


Any traveler needs a dependable backpack, which is suitable to hold the entire travel load and comfortable enough to carry around even during long stretches of walking on foot. If you’re a mountaineer or trekker, you should know that your backpack and its contents are your lifelines when in the great outdoors.

12. Footwear


Most sports and fitness activities require wearing a specific type of footwear. If you’re diving, you wear fins. If you’re rock climbing, you wear rock climbing shoes. If you’re playing football, you wear football shoes. A pair of comfortable shoes that’s right for the kind of sports you’re going to do is key to a more enjoyable active vacation. If you’re going to do strenuous activities, you might want to consider bringing an extra pair, or at least a repair kit.

11. Eyewear


Your eyes need protection, too. When you’re doing sports, part of your attire often includes protective eyewear – goggles, sunglasses, etc. Having optimum vision is critical to a good performance. A good protective eyewear should be one of the first few things you pack inside your travel bag.

10. Hydration & Nourishment


Whether you’re traveling to the wilderness where there are limited sources of food and water or visiting an urban village with convenient stores at every corner, bringing at least 1 liter of water and a few trail snacks won’t hurt. Whenever you feel thirsty or hungry, you can always grab some food out of your bag. If you’re on a camping trip, it pays to bring a portable stove and cook set.

9. Supplements


Since you’re on an active weekend getaway, now is the best time to pack yourself some of those health supplements to help your body keep running and functioning at optimum levels. When traveling other countries, you may be required to get some vaccine shots. It pays to visit your doctor beforehand so you’ll know if you are fit for the trip and how to prepare your body for it.

8. First-Aid Kit


Because you’re about to go on a physically demanding vacation, injuries are expected. Bringing a first-aid kit, plus maintenance medication if you’re taking any, can make the difference between life and death. If you expect wild animal encounters during your trip, make sure you know how to survive. It helps a great deal too if you bring anti-venom.

7. Toiletries

Good if you’re going to a first-class sports facility, but if you’re in the outdoors – a secluded beach, remote mountains, or unforgivable desert, you know there’s no way for you to stay hygienic than doing bare minimum cleanups. A set of portable toiletries, which may include wet tissues, sanitizer, toothbrush, etc. – should be enough for you to stay clean and fresh after a long day’s worth of physical activity.

6. Head Gear

When you’re exposed to the elements, you should give importance to protecting your head, which is the most vulnerable and fatal spot in your body. Therefore, when spelunking, wear a hard hat. When hiking, wear a bush hat, a cap, or anything that can protect you from the sun and other elements.

5. Gadgets

Modern sports and fitness enthusiasts like you will have to pack up some gadgets to help you document your trip (camera), check your progress (activity tracker), or help you perform your very best (smart fitness/gym watch). Don’t forget to bring chargers and extra batteries, too!

4. Journal & Docs


When traveling, you always need to bring a couple of documents with you such as IDs, passport, and the necessary visas when going overseas, and even your travel diary if you’re keeping one.

3. Map/GPS


Even when you’re visiting a very familiar place, you’d really be patting your own back for bringing directional tools. A conventional map or a digital navigation device will help you find the shortest and safest route to your destination. Even frequent hikers who have gone to the same route many times won’t think twice of bringing a navigation tool with them.

2. Sports Equipment


Some athletes and fitness buffs may rely on sports equipment provided in a sports facility, but some may need to bring their very own. Plan out your activity, and see which gear and equipment are provided for you, and which ones you need to pack up and bring with you. If it’s too much to bring your own gear, check out whether there’s a place you can buy or rent it.

1. Clothing

Of course, you can’t travel without packing up some clothing. It’s common sense to bring the necessary items for your sports, but it helps to pack up some formal and casual pieces, as well. Bet, you won’t be doing physical work all weekend. How about dressing up for dinner parties? How about stepping into some casual wear and touring the new city you’re visiting?

As a sports- and fitness-minded person, you belong to some of the world’s well-prepared and most organized group. You not only prepare your body and mind for the physical challenges ahead but also the items needed to make that weekend wild adventure or physical challenge safe and fun.

What top 3 items do you pack for your active weekend getaway?

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