10 Natural Ways to Beat Winter Cold

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The cold weather may bring with it a case of the sniffles or flu. Sudden fall in temperatures may cause unwanted illness, making us unable to do our regular routines. Everyone wants to be able to lead a normal life and carry on with everyday activities despite the weather. I have always relied on natural remedies and methods in beating winter ailments, or just battling winter cold naturally. It is easy to go to the drugstore and take medicine when you’re sick. As much as possible, I try to avoid chemicals to enter my body.

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I have discovered several effective and natural ways to treat winter cold. Here are 10 natural ways to beat winter cold:

#10 Elderberry Syrup

The natural juices of elderberry are high in immune compounds, especially useful in battling the common cold. The black elderberry variety can help in avoiding minor illnesses because they contain plenty of Vitamins A, B, and C.

There is medical evidence that elderberry helps reduce swelling in mucous membranes and helps relieve nasal congestion. You can make your own elderberry syrup by following this simple recipe.  

#9 Oil of Oregano

Oregano oil has antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Oil is extracted from the oregano plant using steam distillation, but you don’t have to do it yourself.

It’s easy to purchase oregano oil online or from stores that sell natural healing products. Ingest three to four drops, and then follow right away with a full glass of water. It doesn’t really taste that good, but it is very effective against winter cold.

#8 Raw Honey and Lemon

Raw honey is a great ingredient because it has natural antimicrobial properties. Honey boosts immunity and lemon is full of Vitamin C. The best thing about honey is that you can mix it with just about anything – teas, apple cider vinegar, or oatmeal.

I love to eat a spoonful of honey now and then just for the sake of taste, but it’s also good to know that it helps our bodies prevent cold.

#7 Salt water rinse

When I wake up in the morning with nasal congestion, I just gargle with lukewarm water and salt, and the congestion magically disappears.

Salt water also reduces bacteria and removes virus particles, thus it also helps fight acne. It’s a simple but very effective method that works all the time.

#6 Echinacea

Studies show that Echinacea helps reduce cold and has a positive effect on the immune system in general. 

However, it is not nearly as effective as elderberry syrup or oil of oregano. I like the taste of the tea, though.

#5 Fermented Cod Liver Oil

It may sound disgusting, but it’s good for you to take one teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil every winter morning. It has Omega 3 that is important when we you not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun. So, to avoid having to eat this, try to spend a bit more time outside.

Vitamin D helps our body’s immune functions, so if you have low Vitamin D levels in your body, you are more likely to catch common colds, especially during the winter.

#4 American Ginseng Root

Not to be confused with its Asian or European cousins, American ginseng, in particular, is used to boost the immune system and effective for preventing flu and viruses.

In fact, its extract is added to over-the-counter cold medicines.

#3 Garlic

Aside from being effective against high blood pressure and fungal infections, garlic is used to combat the common cold. As much some people like the taste, other people don’t enjoy the smell, so if you eat a lot of garlic, make sure you brush your teeth regularly.

#2 Ginger Tea

A fresh slice of ginger root, lemon, and honey will help stop cold symptoms. It also helps hydrate and soothe a scratchy throat.

I love drinking ginger tea with a bit of honey or lemongrass on a cold winter’s night.

#1 Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking apple cider vinegar whenever you have a bad cough during winter months can expel phlegm right away. Apple cider vinegar creates alkaline for viruses, which effectively fights bacteria that causes colds and flu.

What’s your favourite natural way to beat a winter illness?

99 thoughts on “10 Natural Ways to Beat Winter Cold”

  1. I had my worst cold in years after coming home from Florida this month. I am good about taking echinacea and doing salt water rinses, but loved the other tips!

  2. Actually, I am having cold right now but today I feel much better, drank a lot of ginger tea it really helped with clearing my chest. I’m saving your post, I’m sure I’ll need it in the future 🙂

  3. Hi Agnes, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I was struck by this particular post in all the similarities of my Hungarian mother’s cold cures. One that is missing is my cold cure chicken bone-broth. I simmer several roasted chicken carcasses over 12-20 hours in my slow cooker (no open flame to worry about) with a variety of vegetables , like carrot, celery, parsley, ginger root, etc, whatever is in the house. Obviously, cooking that long makes the vegetables inedible but the broth resulting is spectacular. I always strain through a very fine sieve (a reusable metal coffee filter works best) and then I refrigerate so the fat congealed and I can skim it off easily. Honestly, two bowls of this vitamin-rich bone broth cures everything!

  4. I always have plenty of garlic, ginger, water, any source of Vitamin C and as much rest as I can get! I haven’t had a bad cold in 2 years.

  5. I’ve been looking for things like this for quite a while now. There’s no winter in my country but we do have a lot of rains for this season and it is really cold too. Plus, it brings sickness like fever and colds. Worse, even leptospirosis because of flood. Thank you so much for sharing this. This will definitely help us through the cold.


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