Pineapple shake recipe

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I’m currently on Koh Samui Island in Thailand. It’s a real paradise for fruit and veggie lovers. The island offers enormous amount and variety of smoothies and soups – healthy, nutritious and vegan. I had a sip of pineapple shake the other day and it was amazingly tasty. Don’t believe me? Try it at home then!

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The local recipe that is easy and quick to follow. It will give you a boost of energy on grey days and shivery nights, for sure!


  • Fresh pineapple: 1 cup per shake
  • Ice: 1 cup as well
  • Organic coconut cream: 50 g

What to do

Blend all together! Easy, heh?

8 thoughts on “Pineapple shake recipe”

  1. Uwielbiam ananasa jednak jeszcze nie mialam okazji sprobowac shoothie w tym smaku. Dziekuje za przepis na pewno z niego skorzytam! It sounds delicious! Enjoy your stay in Thailand <3

    • Musisz spróbować tego ananasa nawet teraz jak jesteś w zimnym Amsterdamie. Da Ci mega dużo energii na cały dzień, a ja wiem, że jesteś mega busy! Buziak i have fun in Amsterdam!


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