5 Tree-Friendly Workouts for Tree Climbers

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You do not need to invest in a set of weights or secure a gym membership before you get a good workout for your body. If you are in the park or outdoors in nature surrounded by trees, you can practice fantastic workout routines with the help of a tree to increase and maintain your fitness level.

Besides other benefits of going outside and enjoying a breath of fresh air, you can, in fact, turn nature into your gym and playground. All you need is a sturdy tree in close proximity. Then, using the tree as your support, you can practice a workout routine with squats and pushups.

This article discusses 5 Tree-Friendly Workouts for Tree Climbers you can engage in when next you go for a hike or just try to enjoy nature outdoors. 

Static Sit-Squat

This exercise is similar to the usual wall sit exercise, sometimes called the jetliner position. 

It involves standing with your back pressed against the tree, then you squat, as if you are sitting, with your thighs parallel to the ground. You can place your hands on your hips to garner more support. 

When maintaining this posture, ensure that your feet are apart with your toes pointing forward.  Hold on to it for 45 to 60 seconds. 

Then, you can catch your breath before going for more reps. This exercise might be challenging, especially for first-timers, so you shouldn’t worry if you find it difficult to maintain the position for long. 

Check out this video to learn how to do squats, pushups, and upside-down mountain climbing


This exercise is good for your lower body. It’s excellent for building endurance and isometric strength in your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, abductor, and abdominal muscles. In addition, this exercise is an ideal fit for knee pain relief


The crunch is a typical workout for exercising the abdominal muscles. 

Lie with your back on the ground, placing your feet on the tree with your knees forming 90 degrees. Clasp your hands so you can rest your head on your palm. 

Now, slowly curl your body towards your knee, lifting your shoulder and upper back away from the ground. Then, slowly return your body to the starting position to complete the first rep. 

woman exercising with crunches
Doing crunches is a simple yet effective way of gaining abdominal muscle strength

You can proceed for 20 to 25 reps over three or more sets. 


Crunches help tone the core muscles, enhance flexibility and improve posture and muscle mobility.

Tree Pushups

Again, we’d compare the tree with the wall – this is like doing a pushup against a wall. But your hands should be together since you are doing this on a tree instead of a flat surface, like the ground or a wall. So, it’s a close-hand pushup. 

To engage in this workout, you face the tree with your toes a little distant from the tree but your feet apart. Next, stretch your arms at shoulder height and place them side by side on the tree. Then, slowly lean towards the tree, with your elbows bending as you normally would in a pushup routine. 

You can do the tree pushup for ten reps over multiple sets. Don’t worry if you cannot do up to 10 reps at a go. The more you engage in this exercise, the more you’ll experience pushup progressions. 


This workout is an excellent fit for building the upper body. It can work on the muscles of your biceps and triceps and those in your shoulder. 


The lunge exercise is more of a posture. It involves placing one leg forward with the knees bent and the foot on the ground while the other leg is behind. 

You stand with your back turned against the tree to practice the lunge. Put one leg forward; place the foot of the hind leg on the tree. 

Now, lower your body till the knee of the front leg is bent, forming 90 degrees, and your hip is parallel to the ground. Then, slowly return to the starting position – that’s one rep. 

Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times, and take a rest. Then you can have another go at it for about three to five sets.  

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The correct posture for a jumping lunge

For an additional challenge, you can do jumping lunges while following the earlier steps.


Like the tree sit-squat, the lunge works on your lower body. It may also work on your abdominal muscles, core, and legs. In addition, lunges can help you build muscle mass around your thigh. 

Upside Down Mountain Climbing 

Here, we are trying to stimulate mountain climbing by using a tree for support. 

To do this, put your hands on the ground as you stand in front of the tree. Ensure that there’s enough distance between you and the tree so you can put your legs on the tree.

Now, your hands are on the ground with your feet against the tree. Ensure that you hold a firm position, so you don’t fall off. 

Assuming this position, put one leg forward, bending your knee towards your hand. Then, return the leg to the tree and do the same for the other leg. 

Repeat this leg movement about 10 to 15 times, then take a rest before doing it again for about three to five sets. 

Repeating this motion will appear as if you are climbing stairs or a hill, just that you are upside down. 


Generally, doctors prescribe mountain climbing for patients with one heart condition or another. This simple exercise works on your legs and builds endurance. Also, it is excellent for your heart, as it improves blood circulation and lung functions. 

Tree Climbing 

Tree climbing is a fun and easy recreational activity to pick up, but with improved technique, one can get better at it and transit to higher level of tree climbing.

fun outdoor activity tree climbing
It’s a fun outdoor activity that challenges your creativity and balancing skills while climbing up the uneven trees

As it can be quite demanding, tree climbers need to be careful and maintain basic safety precautions, irrespective of the level of expertise. In fact, it’s essential to always wear some tree climbing gear to guarantee your safety. When tree climbing, you should ensure that the branch you choose to stand on can carry your weight. 

If you’re really keen on tree climbing, consider building your stamina at home with cardio exercises so you won’t feel as exhausted during the climbing activity.


Tree climbing may be quite tasking, however, it helps you develop physical strength. Due to its tasking nature, it is advisable to use gears such as saddles help to ensure safety. Tree climbing is excellent for exercising the muscles of your arms, legs and back. Also, it helps to improve concentration as you need to be focused when climbing. 


Often, people visit the garden or park to just chill out or have a nice time in nature. However, when outdoors, you can also engage in a simple workout routine to exercise your muscles. 

Following our 5 easy tree-friendly workouts, you can quickly exercise your body in the park. It’ll only take a few minutes; then, you can continue whatever fun activity you plan for your stay outside. Of course, don’t forget to do some stretching and cool-down exercises if you did a full workout.

When next you go for a walk or hike, try out some of these tree-friendly workouts. 

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