A Guide for Vegans in Prague

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As you might know, I travel around the world and keep experiencing new things. Since I care a lot about my health even when on a trip, I always eat healthy and fresh food for the maximal energy. Therefore, in today’s blog post, I’m going to discuss vegan options and recommended food choices when visiting Prague, a capital city of the Czech Republic.

About Prague

Prague is one of the most historic cities in Europe. The baroque architecture mixed with gothic is simply the perfect combination for people who love to explore cities. Many amazing spots are overlooking the city and you can enjoy many activities there. Also, Prague is a fascinating city when it comes to food. Czech cuisine is very attractive and delicious to people around the world, so it’s not a surprise that you can find a traditional restaurant on every corner. What about people who are vegans then? Can they find a proper vegan meal there? Prague is filled with many restaurants and cafes where vegans can enjoy their delicious meal. Each time you visit Prague, you will see more vegan restaurants and the reason for that is higher awareness of Czech people about health and nutrition. I am going to share with you our guide for vegans in the iconic city of Prague.

Where to Eat as a Vegan?

Czech cuisine is based on meat and sauces, which isn’t suitable for vegans. You can find a restaurant that is offering a traditional cuisine on every step. In the last few years, vegan places are popping up offering high-quality vegan food. Among Czech people, the awareness raised drastically, so they are paying much attention to health. They adopted a belief that the nutrition is crucial for the health, which is right. Prague has around 1.5 million people and it’s possible to spread a knowledge or trend easily.

As a result, you can find more than 40 great vegan restaurants and food shops around Prague. The majority of them are focused on preparing vegan meals with the fresh ingredients, so you know you’ll get the best food. The restaurants are easily reachable by walk or public transportation. I will share with you a list of vegan restaurants which will go beyond your expectations.

Café Moment

This vegan café has an extraordinary vegan menu that offers delicious and healthy breakfasts and lunches. People who find themselves passing the restaurant in the morning should definitely stop and check their huge selection of breakfast. I recommend you to try pancakes with your favorite fruit as a filling. Pancakes combined with the coffee is an absolutely amazing combination for fueling your body with energy.

To kickstart your day, just try their vegan scrambled eggs and thank me later. The prices are very affordable and you can get a full lunch menu for less than 5 euros. The café is attractive to busy people as it’s furnished in a way suitable for work. There are many tables around with the access to fast WiFi. The only thing about this restaurant is that it’s not located in the center, but in Prague 2 district. Depending on your location, you will probably need to take a taxi or public transport to get there.

Country Life

Travelers who find themselves exploring and wandering the beauty of the Old Town Square, there is also one impressive vegan restaurant around. The name of a restaurant in Country Life and it’s one of the oldest vegan restaurants in Prague. It’s not located by the square, but a little bit separated by the corridor so you can enjoy the privacy there. The interior is made from a solid wood and it’s looking very traditional.

The restaurant is serving food as a buffet, so you have various choices for healthy salads and hot dishes. The menu is changing daily, so it’s hard to recommend a dish. It’s surprising that the prices are very affordable as the restaurant is located in the strict center. Behind the restaurant, there is a vegan café which is a great place to relax your coffee and do some work if needed. Also, you can visit a vegan shop (in the same complex), to buy some fresh food for home.

Incruenti Restaurant

Incruenti Restaurant is located a bit out of the center in the district of Prague 3. However, you can easily take a tram or bus and the ride won’t last more than 10 minutes. I recommend you visit this restaurant, especially if you find yourself in Prague around the spring or summer.

The restaurant has indoor and beautiful garden area which is an ideal place to have a romantic and healthy dinner. The Mediterranean and American cuisine is served, but only healthy versions of dishes. The prices are more than reasonable and you can get a decent two-course menu for around 5 euros. Try out Lasagne with tomato Bolognese and organic tempeh. Simply amazing dish!

Restaurant Plevel

It’s highly possible that you’ll find yourself exhausted and hungry after a long city exploration, but the perfect vegan restaurant Plevel is just around the corner. Located on attractive location that is only 5 minutes from the center with public transportation. The restaurant is furnished with the old tables and chairs which add up to overall ambient. The staff is really professional and helpful with your requirements and questions.

The menu is seasonal and changing constantly, but there is one thing you should be aware of. Some dishes can be extremely tasty, but if you come again to the restaurant, you may be surprised that the same dish isn’t tasty at all. The restaurant has a diverse menu that offers traditional Czech food in veganized version. I advise you to try their Tofu pasta which is so delicious.

Other Options

Many vegans enjoy in preparing their own vegan food, and in that case, you can find few vegan food shops located in a different location in the city. Country Life is a restaurant that has a vegan food shop besides, so you can buy the ingredients while exploring the center.

Another interesting option for people out of the center is World Vegan where you can find any vegan ingredient to prepare a delicious meal. Coffee lovers won’t be withheld as many cafes are offering a coffee with plant-milk.

Which vegan restaurants do you recommend in Prague?

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  1. It looks like you’ve found some great vegan spots in Prague! My family has different needs—3 carnivores, one healthy and one who is more of a vegetarian. Always makes it more challenging!

  2. Thanks, Agness! I love seeing and reading about vegan food ideas. Although not vegan myself, I do consciously make vegan recipes a couple times a week and always enjoy them!


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