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I’m not a gym person, but I love sweating at my room and doing a lot of intervals. In today’s note I quickly share with you my top 4 Free Home Workouts YouTube channels that I have been keeping fit with for over 3 years.

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#1 Fitness Blender – great tabata workouts followed by boxing warm-ups. 

#2 BeFit  a lot of yoga and abs workouts.

#3 HardFit – a mixture of home cardio and intervals for every girl.

#4 Tiffany Rothe Workout – fun and effective short workout routines that I can mix and match

30 minutes a day is totally enough to feel healthy, be fit and think positive!

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  1. This is perfect! I’m not a gym person either and would much rather (and kind of have to with the kids) work out at home. Can’t wait to check out these channels!

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