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The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar market worldwide. There are so many health and fitness options available to you. Here at WorkoutCave however, we want to keep things simple. To get fit, you need to exercise. And we will help you workout at home, for free. There are a ton of ways you can spend money on trying to get fit. 

You don’t get fit by having a gym membership or home fitness subscription. You need to do the exercise. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to explore some home workouts that are available free online. We have focused on those that need little or no equipment. This way there are no barriers in your way to finding a programme to suit your requirements.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender has been created to provide accessible and affordable exercise to help with your fitness.  Although they offer a paid membership, there are over 500 workouts available for no cost. There are low impact choices like pilates right through to high impact workouts with a host of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 

The best way to find workouts for your level of fitness is to go to View All Workouts and then you can add the filters to suit. Under membership, choose ‘free’. Then you can decide on the duration of your workout, the type of exercise, or whether you want to include any special equipment. This is an excellent, well organized resource. It has plenty to offer whatever stage you are at in your fitness journey.

Spark People

Sparkpeople Logo Dot Com

Another health and fitness website that proves popular is Spark People . It is free to join, although they do offer a premium paid option. In addition to fitness, Spark People has a variety of nutritional advice available. Spark People claim to have a proven system for supporting people to form better health and nutrition habits. This translates into seeing sustainable results. 

They split their videos into several categories. You can choose from Abs, Strength and Toning, Yoga and Pilates, Home Cardio and more. Another great feature is the Spark People Community. Here you can connect with other members for extra support throughout your health and fitness journey.


You Tube

This online platform has a massive range of free workouts that are suitable to do at home. Just head to YouTube and search for Free Home Workouts and you can browse through the search results. Another way to find workout options is to search for more specific terms. Why not try terms such as 10 minute workout, workout for beginners, full body workout or perhaps upper or lower body workouts.

There are also many dedicated health and fitness YouTube channels that you might prefer. LiveStrong offers a great selection of videos to help you improve your strength and flexibility.  Designed with busy lifestyles in mind, most videos are short. You can search within LiveStrong to narrow down the type of workout you are looking for.

Another popular fitness channel is Popsugar Fitness.  This channel offers real-time classes you can join from home.  They host celebrity trainers and offer a great selection of free videos. You can target certain body parts or choose full body workouts. We recommend going to the playlists page as it is the easiest way to find what you are looking for or browse the workout types.

XHIT Daily offers new daily videos under 20 minutes long and they provide tips on how to get the body you desire.  Again the playlist section is the best place to start. From there you can choose whether you want to target your core strength, burn fat or tone up.

Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube channel with over 8.5 million subscribers. There is a well stocked library of free yoga videos and they will add new videos every week.  There are plenty of options for those new to yoga. There are also videos aimed for full-body toning and weight loss.  Adriene’s aim is to support and guide people towards living life better.

Social Media

Many fitness experts and trainers have taken to social media to stream live workouts.  Facebook and Instagram are popular places to find free workouts to do at home. On Instagram Live or IGTV there is plenty to choose from and because they are free, you can try a selection to find something that suits your needs. 

Home Workout

Although there are many options available online, some people prefer to take part in a live class.  It can be a good motivator to tune in live. You are more accountable to your exercise plan, and they provide more structure.

@womenshealthmag and @menshealthmag both have a great reputation for the quality and variety of workouts that they post daily.  Another popular account is @doyourumble.  It shares boxing inspired workouts which last around 30 minutes.

On Facebook, you can check out Blink Fitness who offer ‘Get Up and Blink’ on Facebook Live, weekdays at 8 am ET.  If you don’t want to be tied to a regular time, you can simply catch up on previous posts.  Retro Fitness offers streamed classes on Facebook at 6pm ET if that’s a better time for you. They also have a home workout section that can be accessed via their videos tab. 

Alternatively, in Facebook you can simply type ‘workout’ into the search facility and you will find a list of events in the search results.


There are a huge volume of free workout apps available but it can be overwhelming, so to help guide you, here are a few free apps that are worth a look.

Tack Your Progress Using Tech

Nike is an internationally recognized fitness brand, and their app has great reviews. Nike Training Club has over 185 free workouts and various types of exercise with the aim of helping you to reach your fitness goals.   This app brands itself as the ultimate personal trainer and it is free to download on IOS or Android.

FitOn is another free app which offers a good variety of different workout categories including strength, cardio, HIIT, yoga and dance. They offer free workout videos and personalized fitness plans, and you get to workout with many celebrity fitness coaches. You can find the fitness plan that works for you on IOS or Android.

Many people struggle with finding the time to fit in regular exercise. To target this market, there is the 7 Minute Workout app which offers maximum results in the shortest time. This popular app is also available via IOS or Android. The 7 Minute Workout focuses their workouts on high intensity circuit training. This type of exercise aims to improve both muscle tone and overall aerobic fitness levels. At WorkoutCave we have also covered 7 Minute Workout which a great alternative.

With so many options to choose from, there is definitely something that will work for you and fit in with your own individual fitness level and your lifestyle. The suggestions we have provided in this article are just a tiny proportion of all the free home workouts that are available to you. Here at WorkoutCave, we hope we have given you some pointers on where to start your search for a programme that works for you for free.


Ok this option isn’t free, but you invest the initial amount of getting the equipment you effectively can exercise for free at comfort of your own home. There are plenty of option available these day and home trainer are becoming more affordable and popular. A short and intense session on any type of rowing machines or any types of treadmills is a great addition to mix in, to keep your workouts exiting!

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