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The treadmill is one of the most recognizable pieces of exercise equipment found in any gym. But, most people don’t realize the difference between treadmills and which would work best for them.

As with other exercise equipment like Barbells and Resistance Bands, the difference between a low-level treadmill and a pricey, top of the line treadmill is drastic.

Treadmills In The Gym

This guide will show you different types of treadmills and who should consider them for aerobic conditioning. By the end, you should know what kind of treadmill is best for your needs.

Treadmill Features

Here is a list of some of the main features that treadmills can offer. Budget and available space will affect whether the model you choose will have some or all of them.

  • Variable speeds up to 12+ MPH
  • Onboard fan and speakers
  • Workout tracker to view progress and session history
  • Incline settings
  • Premade workouts and intervals
  • TV screen
  • Trail run videos
  • Heart rate monitor

These are some of the more common things you’ll find on treadmills. Higher price tags usually mean more accurate features and advanced technologies that standard treadmills don’t have.

Motors are a big feature on treadmills. The motors are either electric or magnetic. Electric treadmills tend to have a higher price tag. You may find a lower-priced magnetic treadmill with many features of an electric treadmill if you have a strict budget. The drawback is that the running surface on many magnetic treadmills is smaller. While that is fine for walking, it may be too short for a proper running stride.

Types Of Treadmills:

Compact/Small Treadmill

Small Treadmills offer versatility that heavy-duty treadmills can’t offer. They are small, easy to move, and tend to fold up when not in use. They might be the best choice for those living in small spaces.

Compact Treadmill

Usually, small treadmills are a bit more lightweight, so heavier users aren’t always recommended. But, for those who fit in the weight range, compact treadmills are a great choice and tend to be budget-friendly as well.

Even better, space-saving designs allow you to put more exercise equipment in small spaces. This can allow your home gym to be more equipped for your fitness goals!

Manual/Gravity Treadmill

A Manual Treadmill is a treadmill that doesn’t spin on a motor. Instead, it is powered by the runner itself, meaning started is a more natural pace. The push off to start is a good way to warm up the body for the pace of the actual run. It also creates a more accurate run distance and speed, since there isn’t a motor helping boost the stats.

Manual Treadmill

These models tend to be a bit pricey but can offer a lot of cool features, like an angled running surface to reduce joint impact. Those who are looking for the closest thing to a traditional run will find the Manual Treadmills appealing.

Incline Treadmill

A treadmill that adjusts to create an incline running surface isn’t necessarily a type of treadmill. It’s just a feature that higher-end models. An incline running surface is more difficult than flat ground running. Also, it’s safer for your joints because it causes less fall before impact.

Incline Treadmill

Incline walking and running offer a great switch up from a regular jog. Investing in an Incline Treadmill may be a good idea for those looking for their best workout.

The higher the incline, the tougher the workout. At the highest inclines, the user should only walk since running would be a bit more dangerous. Also, the higher incline levels tend to support less user-weight, which can be an issue for some.

Best Budget Treadmill Under $500

There are great treadmills for under $500. But, these won’t be loaded with every feature under the sun. Instead, you need to narrow your search to find the features most important to you. For example, if you need a Manual Treadmill with Bluetooth Speakers, you may miss out on some other features that more pricey treadmills offer.

Knowing exactly what you need from your treadmill will allow you to find a budget-friendly piece of equipment that is still high quality.

Treadmill For Obese

Treadmills are great option if you are planning to lose weight, however you need to mind their weight limit. The cheaper units tend to have low weight limits, which isn’t a problem for some. But, an overweight trainee will need a unit that supports their body weight without risk of malfunction or injury.

Heavy-duty units will cost more but will probably be more sturdy in the long run and last a lot longer than those lightweight units that are a dime a dozen. Don’t think you can’t find a treadmill that fits your needs, no matter what you weigh right now!

Benefits Of Treadmills

Regardless of the model you choose, treadmills offer running room in compact spaces. Not every day will be sunny and a perfect temperature for a run, but your treadmill can always exist in a controlled environment.

Some treadmills don’t compare to real running. Yet, the best models do a great job providing the same benefits as running with less impact on your joints.

There are other choices for cardio equipment, like Rowers, that can work more of your entire body. But, nothing is more natural for your body than running!

Treadmill Pace Chart & Conversions

Here are a few handy stats and conversions you may want to know when using treadmills, I find it helpful for setting myself with my goal progression.

MPH On TreadmillMile PaceEquivalent Pace At 0%Equivalent Pace At 3%Equivalent Pace At 6%Equivalent Pace At 9%

It’s important to note that due to the lack of wind resistance, running without an incline doesn’t equal actual running in pace.

Our Guides

We have reviewed a lot of different types of treadmills and came up with rankings for individuals needs:

Other ellipticals

Recumbent bikes

Recumbent bikes are a relatively new addition to the fitness world. They’re designed for comfort and ease of use, so they’re perfect for people with back pain or injuries. If you are looking for the best recumbent exercise bike there is plenty of options available on the market ranging from home recumbent bike to commercial recumbent exercise bike. Some of the best recumbent bikes out there can be a great addition to other ellipticals. For example, recumbent ellipticals can be a great option for seniors, recumbent bikes for seniors can provide more back support and a more comfortable riding position. Additionally, for people with knees problems, a recumbent bike for bad knees is a great option.

Ready For A Run?

Treadmills are still evolving year by year. New models get put out and make old designs obsolete. It’s best to find a newer model that fits your needs so you can reap the most from your training.

I also love to have my gym equipment neat and organised, for me it provides me with a workout motivation boost so I highly recommend allocating some space for home gym storage, so you are always ready for the next home cardio session.

Have you decided yet? Great! you can now jump on your treadmill and push yourself to your limits at comfort of your house!

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