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Do any of these phrases sound familiar when the question of working out crops up?

I don’t have time”

I don’t know where to start”

“I’m too tired

I can’t do it

“I can’t be bothered”

Don’t worry if you recognise any of these excuses. We have all been there.

Exercising is individual to all of us. Some of us place working out as a high priority and others may not have the motivation and think of exercise as a chore. However, we all have one thing in common; if you do nothing, nothing will change with your fitness level or physique.

Here I try to help you find that motivation to start reaching your goals. Here are some of our best tips to motivate you and to help you find a way to introduce more exercise into your life. 

Set goals

A good starting point is to make sure that your fitness goals are realistic and achievable. Very few people have the time or energy to go from doing little or no exercise to training for hours per week.  

Workout Notebook Goals

It’s important to evaluate what level of fitness you are at, and how much time you can dedicate to your fitness journey. It is a great motivator to be able to see your progress, and setting yourself small targets is a great way to do this. If targets are set too high, it’s easy to find excuses not to do it. 

It can help to motivate you if you have a specific goal. For example, you want to look in better shape for a special occasion or a holiday. Although you have this long term goal in mind, don’t forget that small targets will help you to stick to your plan. 

Finding a right personal trainer can be perfect for setting realistic goals, make sure you know how to find a good personal trainer for your needs.

Always remember, it is better to do some exercise than no exercise. Try not to be too hard on yourself and make the commitment to start working out.

Track your mood

It is a good idea to keep a journal of how you feel after your workout. It is common to feel a sense of accomplishment and. good about yourself. When you are low on motivation, you can. remind yourself about how good you will feel afterwards by looking over your journal entries.

Manage your time

If lack of time is one of your battle cries, don’t worry. There is no pressure on you to sign up to hours of training every week. There is plenty of exercise you can do that won’t eat into your day.

A great tip for finding time to workout is to do a simple time audit. There are 168 hours in a week. Take away the number of hours you spend sleeping and working. Then take off the time you spend commuting, cooking and cleaning. Next work out how long you spend checking social media or playing with the kids. All the things you typically do in a week. If you can estimate how much time you spend on your weekly activities you can work out how much spare time you have. Out of this spare time, you will see that you can find time to exercise. Even if you only have an hour to spare, you can do 10 minutes per day with one rest day in your busy week.

There is a wide range of workout options to suit your abilities and your schedule. If you want to start short, try 7 minute workout or when you have more time to exercise you might want to start with workout Why not set yourself a calendar reminder and make that commitment to your workout?

Remember the benefits

Most of us know that exercise is good for us. There is plenty of scientific evidence available which show the benefits of working out. Exercise can reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses and improve your sleeping habits. Working out can improve your energy levels and confidence. Knowing all these benefits can help to motivate you to get started or do more. 

Some of you may be looking to exercise to help you lose weight and get in shape. It’s important to remember to be patient and kind to yourself as changes take time. You are on a journey; there are no quick fixes but you are a fantastic work in progress.

Positive attitude

Having a more positive attitude towards exercise can definitely help with workout motivation. Exercise will make you feel good about yourself. It will reinforce the positive thoughts that you are taking care of your own health and wellbeing. You are in control.

Running Workout Positive

Science tells us that our brains are wired to react more quickly to negative events or emotions. Most people will tend to focus on the bad and ignore the good so it is easier to dwell on those negative excuses for not working out. 

It’s natural to worry about a workout being too challenging, that exercise won’t make a difference or that you’ll never achieve your goals, but it is possible to overcome this instinctive response. Working out isn’t something that should be endured or avoided because of negative feelings towards it. You can retrain your brain using practical repetition to form more positive habits. Once you start working out regularly, even if it’s in small ways, you can start to overcome these negative thoughts about exercise. 

Add exercise to your current activities

Another great workout motivator is to combine exercise with something that already brings you enjoyment. Music can be a great motivator. It can enhance your mood so it can definitely make a difference to your workout enjoyment. And if you are struggling with exercise routines or equipment, don’t forget the simplicity of dancing. You will burn more calories dancing in your lounge than sitting on the sofa. 

If you enjoy watching TV, you can add in some exercise while you are in front of your favourite show, or even during the adverts. Listening to an audiobook whilst training is another great motivator. You won’t find out what happens in the next chapter if you don’t workout.

If you enjoy catching up with friends, then you could think about meeting up for a walk or cycle. At home, you could simply walk around your apartment while talking on the phone. Nobody wants to feel miserable, so if you really aren’t enjoying your workout, switch to a different activity.

Make a commitment

Some people find having a solid commitment helps with their workout motivation. This can be a commitment with a friend that you will stick to an agreed plan or it can be more official, with a sign-up for a 5k or charity fundraiser. If you don’t like to let people down, then having a commitment can push you towards success.

If you are making a commitment to yourself, some people find that posting a goal on social media motivates them to work out.

Set challenges

Another tip for motivation is to set yourself challenges. You can start small by just pushing yourself a little. For example, if you can do 15 jump jacks in 30 seconds, next time, why not try for 17? If you run a regular route and know how long it takes, why not try shaving off a couple of minutes? Mini-challenges like these can help build your confidence, reflect on your progress and they can be fun.

Tech assistance

If you have read this far and still aren’t feeling motivated, then perhaps you need more direct intervention in the form of a gadget. There are many different fitness trackers available that can prompt you to get moving. There are also a variety of apps and website available to use for free to your phone that can help with motivation and track your progress.

Tack Your Progress Using Tech

Everyone can find an exercise regime to suit their lifestyle with a bit of trial and error. So get on your workout clothes, remind yourself of the benefits of. introducing more exercise to your schedule and let WorkoutCave help you meet your goals.

My Experience

Just like everyone else, I too struggle with workout motivation. For me personally, talking to my close ones and sharing my goals with them helps a lot. You will be surprised how accommodating they can be, and how much additional support they can provide. Especially, when it comes to accountability.

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Me getting my workout in while on the walk with my cousin around Loch Morlich, Scotland.

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