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Exercise is an essential activity to help keep both your mind and body healthy throughout the year. As we enter the colder winter months, many of us have lost the ability to workout outside whenever we desire. This is why so many people have opted for the convenience of a home gym, which is not only always available to them but also provide endless free home workouts options.

While the layout and organization of a home gym can be tricky, there are plenty of storage tips that will keep your space looking neat and tidy. From hanging organizers to repurposed bookshelves, there are countless ways to store your gym equipment no matter the space you’re working with. 

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Not only will you be able to learn some innovative ways to organize and store your workout equipment, but you’ll have the luxury of maintaining a healthy routine every day with your home workouts. Whether you’re planning out the design of your new home gym or are looking for new ideas, stay tuned to discover the latest home gym organization ideas. 

Choosing your Home Gym Space

Contrary to popular belief, you can still incorporate a gym into your home despite having a smaller space to work with. Whether you’re living in a three-bedroom townhouse or a single-bedroom apartment, all you need is a little creativity and you’ll have a working home gym in no time, so even bulky items like home treadmills or home rowing machines can be stored away neatly.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the additional space, some great locations to create your home gym include the garage, a spare bedroom, an office, or the basement. It’s important to avoid your bedroom for a home gym as this space tends to get cluttered with clothes, making it difficult to feel motivated to workout here. 

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While these extra rooms are common choices for a home gym space, not everyone has this sort of space. If you’re living in a smaller apartment but still want to create a tasteful gym space without too much clutter, there are plenty of ways to do this. 

Organizing Your Home Gym Equipment 

If your space doesn’t already have the furniture or wall decor to help you store equipment, there are also some inexpensive DIY projects that you can try out today. Here are the top 10 ideas that you can easily implement into your home gym using the space you already have. 

1. Hanging Organizers

If you have an open wall, the use of hanging organizers can keep your loose equipment, such as resistance bands and jump ropes tangle-free and organized. The more accessible this equipment becomes, the more likely you’re able to use it during a workout.

2. Open Shelving

Using any sort of furniture that incorporates open shelving can be a great storage option in your home. Consider repurposing an old bookshelf and use baskets to hide equipment, or tightly roll up your gym towels and yoga mats to keep them looking neat.

3. Wall-Mounted Shelving

If you’re lacking the space on the floor, consider adding some wall-mounted shelves to utilize your vertical wall space. While your heavier weights and kettlebells take up the floor space, you can store your lighter equipment up on top of shelves. 

4. Hidden Furniture Storage

If your gym is located in a multi-purpose room such as a living room, transform your ottoman into a storage place for gym equipment. You can even consider using ‘drawer dividers’ to space out the equipment and avoid clutter. 

5. Pegboard

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Adding a wooden pegboard to your home gym can be an easy way to store numerous pieces of equipment. Simply nail the board onto your wall, add pegs or hooks to the holes, and hang your headphones, clipboards, jump ropes, and so much more.

6. Wall Racks

Inserting wall racks can be a simple fix to many of your storage problems. It’s a great device to keep your equipment within arm’s reach while also maintaining a clutter-free space. 

7. Corner Net

Along with the shelving and racks, you can also utilize your vertical wall space by adding a small net to the corner of a room. This can help you store larger, lighter items such as a Bosu ball. 

8. Minimalist Sack Storage

If you decide to use your living room as your home gym space, you can skip the bulky storage containers and use a space-saving sack to store all your equipment. These durable sacks can provide you a trendy option to keep gym equipment out of sight. 

9. Double Decker Dumbbell Rack

For those of you who are avid weight lifters, it may be a great investment and storage idea to purchase a double decker rack. Rather than having your weights sprawled out across the floor, these double-decker dumbbell racks are a durable yet simple gym storage piece. Bring the taste of your local gym right into your garage or recreational room with one of these racks. 

10. Wall Mirrors

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Although adding mirrors to your wall doesn’t necessarily help you store gym equipment, it does make your space look a lot bigger. It also helps you keep an eye on your form in real-time to minimize injuries. With such setup your next home stretch routine or home cardio exercise will be even more satisfying.

Over to You 

There is no denying it, working out in the luxury of your own home offers you endless health and financial benefits. A home gym can provide you with the convenience and comfort of breaking a sweat any time of the day. Not to mention, it’s a place where you have full-time privacy, giving you the opportunity to try out new exercises you wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable doing at a public gym.

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Whether you’re working with a small or large space, you can still create a fully functional home gym without having to allocate an entire room to it! With a little creativity, you can transform your living room into a pop-out gym whenever you need it. We want to hear from you. What tips can you share for your home gym storage? 

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