5 Great HIIT Workouts You Need this Winter

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It’s time to get into the winter spirit with a couple of HIIT Workouts to warm you up. Here are 5 of the best high-intensity workouts we’ve come across, which give great results and don’t require too much equipment or anything else.

The Evolving Human

Starting from being on your stomach and working yourself up towards a standing upright position, this workout sees you working out everything you need to quickly and effectively. Taking less than 10 minutes, you can take a 10-second rest between each exercise, and repeat the actions several times if you don’t feel the burn.

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Depending on the amount of effort and speed your use to complete this workout, you should be able to warm up your entire body and get your blood pumping faster than ever before. Moreover, you don’t even need any equipment or extras to get it done, just your body and the floor. A Yoga matt will help though.

The Workout

Step 1) Jumping Jacks X 30

Step 2) Plank x 30 seconds

Step 3) Pushups x 16

Step 4) Mountain Climber x 16

Step 5) Sumo Squats x 20

Step 6) Jumping Jacks x 30

The Jump Roper

Introducing some basic equipment, this Jump Roping HIIT Workout just needs a skipping rope. You’ll start the exercise warming up your muscles, before progressing towards actual skipping with the rope. Make sure you leave 10 seconds between each exercise to recover and increase times/repeat if it’s too easy.

A girl jumping rope

The Jump Roper is the first stage of introducing equipment, making this perfect for the first HIIT workout you incorporate something other than your body with. Whilst the Jump Rope exercise is one of the most important stages of this exercise, you want to make sure that you don’t leave out the other exercises as they work together to provide the best workout you can get.

The Workout

Step 1) Mountain Climbers x 45

Step 2) Pushups x20

Step 3) Front Plank x 30 seconds

Step 4) Jump Rope x 1 minute

Step 5) Jumping Jacks x 30

The Lower Body Compensator

A lot of workouts these days – including HIIT Workouts – tend to focus on the upper body, which leaves the lower body sorely forgotten about. The lower body is just as important though and if you don’t work it out, you end up looking top heavy and disproportioned.


This Lower Body Workout aims to get you back in shape everywhere by giving your lower body the boost it needs. It’s the perfect workout for complimenting the Evolving Human or going hand in hand with the Jump Roper.

The Workout

Step 1) Sprint x 30 seconds

Step 2) Squat Jumps x 45 seconds

Step 3) Lunges Left Leg x 20

Step 4) Lunges Right Leg x 20

Step 5) Calf Raises x 50

The Partnered Push and Pull

The Partnered Push and Pull – as per the name – requires a partner to complete. You’ll be working together and basing your actions off of each other’s momentum. We highly recommend HIIT Workout to anyone who struggled to get themselves motivated to go out and work out. By having a partner and needing each other to complete the actions, you’ll find yourself feeling obligated to show up at your next work out session, even if you “don’t feel like it”.


That does mean that you need someone who’s well suited to you though. Make sure you’re about the same size and weight and fitness level. In order to complete the exercises, you’ll need to alternate between each – without a rest. Helping your partner complete their exercise is your rest.

The Workout

Step 1) Burpee Jumps x 10

Step 2) Bicycle Crunches x 10

Step 3) Box Jump x10

Step 4) Pushups x 10

Step 5) One-arm Kettlebell x 10

Step 6) Sled Push and Pull

Step 7) 30-yard sprint

Step 8) Kettlebell front swing

Battle Rope Creek

Battle Rope Creek is another equipment-based exercise. This time instead of just incorporating it into a part of the exercise, you’ll use it throughout the HIIT workout. You’ll just need a strong, durable rope and something to wrap it around. A post made out of wood or metal is probably best. It’s advisable that it’s fixed to the ground before you begin training. Make sure that each end of the rope extends an equal distance from the post after being wrapped around it. Remember, the longer the rope, the harder the exercise will be to complete.

woman doing exercise

This exercise works best for working out your arms, but is rather intensive and can also help with other areas of your upper body. Between each exercise, you should have 60 seconds of complete rest before you start again. This will allow your body ample time to prepare for the next stage. The exercises can be completed as much and with as high of an intensity as you like – although try to keep the intervals within 60 seconds.

Due to the unique nature of these exercises, a brief explanation should help you to know what to do in more detail. For the Double Arm Swings, you’re going to grab each end of the rope with your arms and then whip the rope up and down in alternating patterns with your arms. Your body should be in a sumo squat position, whilst your elbows should be positioned above your thigh. For the Alternate Arm Motion, you’ll want to start in the same position, yet swing both arms up and down at the same time. Very similar but your keeping time between your arms.  

The Workout

Step 1) Double Arm swings x 60 seconds

Step 2) Alternate Arm motion x 60 seconds

Step 3) Repeat

Make it your own

All of us are different and some of the exercises might not be suitable for you. Feel free to pick and choose from this or other home workout exercises to craft a perfect workout for you. I highly recommend you to read a guide on how to make a workout plan to make sure the training is optimal for your goals.

High Intensity Doesn’t Mean Too Much

The HIIT Workouts above are great for getting in shape but don’t overdo it. The workouts are variable and do depend on what your body is used to, but keep an eye on your body and how long it takes you to recover. That way, they won’t just keep your body healthy, but your mind too.

Which Workout Sounds Like You?

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  1. Love how you give full workout details. Coldest winter here in my memory so need this, the Lower Body Workout calls my name most.

  2. love the variety here! sometimes i’m too lazy to go to the gym, so a no equipment workout would be great, but sometimes i need something different than my usual weights circuit at the gym (:

  3. what a helpful post! i like to have my routine laid out just like that so i know everything that’s coming. i shall come back to this post time and time again!

  4. I’m all about yoga and planks. Can be done anytime, anywhere and are great calorie burners. Great other suggestion of exercises for variation of routine.

  5. Oh, the ‘plank position’ kills me- even the ‘easy’ position resting on my elbows. Must get fit!!


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