5 Tips to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

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If you have a busy work schedule or preparing the exams for the college, then you know that keeping the mind and body sharp can be a problem. We all have the limited time and with many obligations, it could be really hard from time to time to live a healthy lifestyle. You can lead a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes there are tight deadlines when you miss the workout or interrupt your sleeping routine.

Working On A Laptop
I’m always busy and I’m always on the run.

It happens to me from time to time, but I’m trying to keep myself organized and have the highest energy levels assured. Keeping your mind and body will ensure the high energy levels that will have a positive impact on energy levels. Your focus and motivation depend on the energy, so if you want to get the most of your days, you must keep your body and mind healthy.

I’m going to share five easy to follow tips that will ensure you the highest energy levels possible. You will be amazed how many things you can accomplish in one day if you follow these tips!

#1 Regular Strength Training

The regular workout is the must thing to keep your body healthy and fit. It can be tough to train when you’re overwhelmed with deadlines. I know that going to the gym can take you few hours from your day which you probably don’t have, but there are the ways. Bodyweight strength training is an ideal substitution for weight workouts, especially if you don’t have time.

Man running
Try to implement strength training in your days.

You can do these exercises anywhere and anytime, even when you’re learning. There is no need for any equipment which means this kind of training is totally free of cost. If you really don’t have much time, then 30 minutes HIIT workout is all you need.

Here is a full-body workout I like to perform when I’m in a busy mode:

10 push-ups

10 squats

10 crunches

10 chair dips

1-minute plank hold

Don’t rest between the exercises and once you finish all exercises, then you’re done with the circle. Rest 2 minutes between circles and adjust the number of circles to your time and fitness levels. Aim to complete at least 3 circles for the best results.

#2 Healthy Diet

If you aim for a healthy lifestyle, then you simply can’t avoid healthy eating. Busy people sometimes complain they don’t have time to prepare or eat healthy, so they eat whatever they can find at the moment. I understand that, but to eat healthily, you don’t need to spend more time. There are many options for healthy eating on-the-go. When you enter the fast-food restaurant, order the salad or ask for the grilled instead of fried food. You see, it won’t take you extra time, but you’ll do yourself a huge favour.

Fruits and vegetables
Aim to eat only healthy and whole food.

Also, when you’re done with the work or studying, separate 30 minutes to prepare healthy meals for the next day. Pack these meals in the Tupperware and you’re ready to go. Another great way to keep your energy at high levels is drinking enough liquid. Replace soft drinks with the water as the soft drinks are one of the unhealthiest sources of calories.

#3 Meditate

Meditation is a highly underrated habit, but it should be in a daily routine of everyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle. Remember, the healthy lifestyle isn’t only limited to having a healthy body, but mind also. When you have a busy schedule that is often filled with the deadlines, the stress levels increase drastically.

A girl meditating at the beach
Start meditating to lower the stress levels.

Stress is connected to cortisol which is the hormone that in high levels harm your body. It’s scientifically proven that meditation lowers the stress levels which leads to lower cortisol levels too. When you’re stressed you can’t focus, concentrate and your energy levels drop. Getting the meditation into your daily routine is effortless.

I recommend you to reserve 10 minutes of your time before sleeping for meditation. Find a comfortable place to sit, hold the sitting position and start focusing on your breath. Whenever your mind goes away, just refocus on the breath. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t focus for longer periods on the breath at the beginning, but as you practice, you will become much better and will reap the benefits.

#4 Read Books

If the strength workout is the training for the body then reading the books is the training for the mind. It’s important that your mind is always sharp and fed with the quality information. Reading can also reduce the stress levels and improve your concentration which will have a positive impact on your work.

Reading books
Reading boost your creativity.

The great thing is that reading can be done anywhere, so if you commute to work or college using the public transportation, you can read there. It’s a better time investment than mindlessly thinking about unimportant things. The books will improve your creativity and overall knowledge. You will get so many angles and perspectives which can lead to getting a great business idea. If you’re driving a car, bike or walk to get to the work then the best way is to get audiobooks and listen to them. That way you can even “read” more books!

#5 Sleep Enough

Sleeping is crucial for healthy body functioning. Your body is recovering during the sleep and you should take the sleeping routine seriously. It’s advisable to sleep around 8 hours for adults to have a proper rest and energy levels for the upcoming day. If you can’t separate 8 hours each night, I advise you to start waking up earlier to do the most critical tasks in the morning. That way you can go to sleep earlier and don’t think about the critical task when you lack the energy, especially after a hard day. There is a great range of tips to get more sleep!

A girl sleeping
Sleep like a baby every night.

Try to read the book or meditate before sleeping as you should eliminate all the blue lights which disrupt sleep. Make sure that the room is cool and without light before sleeping. My advice is to try to create a sleeping routine of waking up each day at the same time. That way your biorhythm won’t be disrupted and your energy levels will be high all the times.

What do you do to keep your body and mind healthy?

14 thoughts on “5 Tips to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy”

  1. Great tips, Agness. Besides living room cardio (I just don’t like running), I do 2-3 times weight training weekly. Don’t lift really heavy, but I do my best. Yoga stretch, pilates are fun too. What else?mm…eat tons of veggies :-))

  2. i tend to be an introvert, but i still need social interaction (instead of staying in my room alone for 3 days lol), so that helps keep my mind healthy! but i really like all these ideas too, and i need to practice meditating more for sure.

  3. I MUST have 7 hours sleep a night to function properly.

    I’m also a big one for going on long long walks to keep my mind and body healthy.

    These are 5 great tips Agness. People should take the time to care for themselves and their bodies more. Then we wouldn’t have so many health problems these days.

  4. I really need to be better about sleep! I feel especially convicted after reading other commenters say they always get 7 hours of sleep. I prioritize the other 4 things on your list, but I fail in the sleep department. I think its because I’m an introvert and crave the time to myself, and the only time I can have consistent non-working time alone is at night! So rather than sleep, I recharge by hanging out with myself. Sounds lame, but I’m an introvert, what can I say?!

  5. I cannot overstate how important sleep is… I’ve had a healthy diet and a bit of (enough) exercise for quite some time, but it’s getting enough sleep that really gets me through. The past few months have been so so hectic for me, but I’ve managed so far because I’ve been looking after myself in terms of sleep. Very important!

  6. I couldn’t agree more with sleeping and also reading books as I’m a voracious reader :)I love yoga and try to do it on a regular basis..great tips!


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