4 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go

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Sometimes it could be a struggle to eat healthy when you have a busy schedule. When you have so little time available for eating, you may think it’s better just to grab whatever food you find in front of yourself. I have a hard-time from time to time to eat healthy on the go, but with a proper planning and organization, it’s easily possible. There are few details to pay attention to that won’t take you extra time, but will make a huge difference in your health. One of the most obvious ones is replacing soft drinks with the plain water. Does it take more time for you to drink water instead of soft drink?

I’m going to share few easily applicable tips for eating healthy on the go that I’m using each day when the schedule is busy and time is tight.

#1 Planning and Preparing Meals the Night Before

When you have a busy schedule, but still want to eat healthily, the most important thing is to plan your meals ahead. People will always tell they don’t have a time or energy to prepare their own meals after a hard day. If you prepare your own portable meals, it has so many benefits. You can choose exactly what meals you will eat, which ingredients, how many times per day and the cost. If you cook your meals after a busy day, preparing these meals for a whole day won’t take you more than 30 minutes. There are many recipes for healthy portable meals that can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Food prep
Prepare your meals a night before.

One of the most basic, but still healthy and full of nutrients meal I love to prepare is the mixture of vegetables, rice and protein. Just cook the rice, cut the favourite vegetables and prepare the meat. The process won’t take you more than 15 minutes and you can even prepare two portable meals at once. Mix everything, put it in a Tupperware and there you have a healthy on the go meal ready! If you lack the ideas, you can find many healthy on the go snacks ideas here.

#2 Grab a Salad

I know that there will be days when you simply won’t have a time or energy to plan your meal plan and have a preparation process ahead. That’s alright and it doesn’t mean you can’t still eat healthy on the go. Instead of running at your favourite fast-food restaurant and ordering fried food, there is one healthy alternative – grab a salad to go. Depending on the location you currently live in, there is a huge possibility that you pass over many fast food restaurants. The fast-food restaurants don’t only offer unhealthy food as they started to pay more attention to healthy food variants. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the healthy salad on the menu, but almost any restaurant has it on the menu. Pick the favourite healthy salad to go instead of fried food and you get yourself a great healthy alternative. Also, the thing is that the salad preparation doesn’t take that long like fried food preparation.

Healthy salad
A salad is a great substitution for fast-food.

If you find yourself in a fast-food restaurant that doesn’t offer the salads and you don’t have time to find another place, always choose grilled over fried food. Also, you can substitute the side with healthier things like fruits.

The only thing you should be careful of is the dressing of the salad. The dressing is usually packed with the bad calories from the fat, so always check the dressing or ask to have the salad without it.

#3 Plant-Based Milk for Your Coffee

It’s the well-known fact that people with busy schedules tend to drink more coffee on average. You can get many benefits from coffee like improving physical performance, increased energy levels, fat loss and lowering the risk of getting serious diseases. The thing with coffee is that you probably don’t pay attention to the milk or sugar in your coffee. The majority on the go coffee shops offers a regular low-fat milk which can be replaced with the plant-based milk. Check if the coffee shop has the plant-based milk like almond, soy, rice, oat or coconut in the offer. Always add the plant-based milk in your coffee and go without sugar.

Always go with the plant-based milk.

If you notice that the coffee shops don’t have the plant-based milk in the offer, my advice is to go to the nearest healthy food store and buy a small bottle. That way you can take a black coffee and add the milk of your choice in the coffee to have the healthiest version of coffee.

#4 Drink Water

Staying hydrated through the day is one of the most crucial things if you want to reach the highest energy levels. More than half of human body is made from water and some studies show that people can only live up to a week without water. Always bring a small bottle of water wherever you go and aim to drink around 3 liters of water on normal days. Stay away from soft drinks as these are filled with excessive amounts of sugar and other chemicals that are harmful to the body. If you want to stay healthy, one of the greatest advice is to remove soft drinks from your routine.

Mineral water
Water with lemon is the perfect substitution for soft drinks.

When I bring the bottle of water with myself, I tend to squeeze a lemon or lime in the water to have extra vitamin intake. Lemons and limes are a great source of vitamin C which is perfect for keeping the energy levels high and detoxing the body.

How often do you eat on the go?

Do you have any other healthy tips for busy people who don’t have any other choice than eating on the go? Do you prepare your healthy meals in advance? If you have, share some easy and healthy meals with us.


Eating healthy isn’t that hard if you have a busy schedule. There are the ways to eat healthy on the go and you just need to form a habit. I wish you the best luck in applying these tips in your schedule!

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23 thoughts on “4 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go”

  1. i’m SUCH a planner! if i don’t have the next day’s meals planned and possibly prepped before i go to bed, i can’t sleep! i might be a little nutso about it… 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you about planning ahead! When I don’t plan meals ahead, I often end up eating unhealthy food. And I definitely need to drink more water, too. Although I’ve become a fan of those flavored (non-sweetened) sparkling waters lately…they’re delicious and definitely help me drink more water! Thanks for sharing, Agness!

  3. I’m obsessed with prepping meals as everything I eat has to be made from scratch. So any time I’m cooking / making something, I always ensure I make lots so I can freeze things that can be taken when I’m on the go. Especially soup which is easy to carry in a flask!

    Great tips Agness. Thanks!

  4. Planning ahead helps us to make things better. I often prepare a few quick dishes the night before we are about to start our journey. It becomes a bit hectic at times, but it definitely helps…. 🙂

    Thanks, Agness, for such great tips!

  5. My situation is that I am at home most of the day, so I tend to nibble on nuts and other goodies as walk through the kitchen. But I do insist on eating a salad for lunch everyday- my current favorite is to add a few poached quail eggs in my salad- yum!!

  6. I nearly always seem to lose weight while travelling, and I put that down to the amount of water I drink. I can’t recommend it enough – I always keep a bottle handy!

  7. yes, water is key!! drinking water isn’t a natural instinct for me, so i forget sometimes and end up eating when really i’m just thirsty.

  8. Yes! Planning ahead is definitely key! And so is drinking lots of water…luckily I love the stuff so that one is pretty easy for me 😉


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