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Having a busy life (work, school, hobby) and being on a vegan diet is actually very convinient, yet easy. Raw fruits are easy to carry and you can grab smoothies from any store on your way to work or school every single morning.

What are my favourite vegan snacks on the go? There are actually many, but if I had to pick top 5, I would definitely go for:

#1 Green smoothies in a jar/bottle

It takes me less than 5 minutes to blend a handful of spinach with bananas, fresh mangoes and blueberries and put the jar in my backpack. It’s always with me if I’m in rush or have a busy day at work.


#2 Dried dates

They are sweet, easy to transport and so yummy! A package of 20 is my daily snack when I am on the run.


#3 Raw vegan bars

They are a bit pricey (2 euro for a bar) but if I know I am not gonna have a chance to eat a proper meal, then these yummy bars save my life very often. Small and lite – perfect for my pocket.

#4 Fresh fruits

There is nothing much easier than putting two apples, few bananas or a bag of berries in my bag when I’m in rush. I pack them in a sandwich box or bag and carry around for hours. Fresh fruits give my energy, loads of nutrition and more calories I need to be energized at work and school.


#5 Nuts, seeds and trail mixes

I often pack raw unsalted almonds, cashews or peanuts when I leave home. These are good in small amounts so I always keep my eyes on how much I eat them. In high amounts (and we all like nuts) they can make me feel a little heavy and not as energized. If I know my day is going to be very buys, I pack my own trail mixes which are goji berries, raisins, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Easy, right?

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