5 Motivational Cues to Get You Up and Winter Running

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The hardest part about going running is often the actual getting up and getting out the door – especially if you’re not used to running all that much in the first place. I’ve previously talked about reasons why you should get up and go running in that past, but it seems to get a lot harder when the winter cold is involved. Try some Motivational Quotes in Life to get you started!

Luckily, I’m back with even more reasons why you should get yourself out there and go running, this time with the theme of Winter. From fighting back the cold to not making it too much of a challenge, Winter running isn’t all doom and gloom. I’m here to prove that to you.

Jogging in winter

You Can Get Yourself Geared Up

The most important part of getting out there in the cold is making sure that you’re geared up for it. Not just by the clothes you’re wearing (which is important), but by the techniques and warm-up activities you do.

When it comes to clothes, you want to make sure that you have warm, insulating material which also lets your body sweat and breath. That means that you should be avoiding cotton clothes like the plague. They don’t work very well once you start sweating, and all that moisture on your skin can actually lead to you getting colder than you should. Instead, Polyester or Lycra can go a long way to providing that needed insulation, whilst also drying quickly and helping you to manage sweat.

Running in the snow in winter

For Warm-ups, make sure that you maintain a short workout which builds up a sweat before you head out the door. This will help get your blood flowing faster and your natural body temperature will rise. I’m not saying that you’re going to run 10k, but doing an exercise workout which will help you get ready for 10k will help a lot more than you would think.

You Can Bring Friends and Accomplices

I talked about this previously in the past and said that having people there to encourage you and chat to can make running an all around much better experience. That’s not all it will do though. During those winter months where you’re struggling to get out of bed for your morning run, or just don’t want to move a muscle in the evening, having a co-running will make you liable for your own running schedule.

winter footwear

That’s right. Imagine the difference between waking up in the morning and thinking “I have to go for a run” and “Jerry is going to meet me for a run in 30 minutes”. I’d say that you’re much more likely to get up and out of bed for the second one – unless you really don’t like Jerry.

You Can Set Limits

This is incredibly important. Set limits on what you’re willing to run in. This way, you will know if you just can’t do it that day. For instance, if you’ve got a lot of snow or ice on the roads. It’s ok, just say that too much snow or ice means that you’re not going to run because it’s not safe. Setting these boundaries beforehand means that you won’t feel guilty if you don’t get to run and lets you put your mind at rest when it does happen.

Running in winter on a bridge

Also, make your daily running limits clear. Don’t just head out without a destination. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Goals are important, no matter what type of runner you are. Use them. I find that a good goal tends to stretch your abilities a little bit, but doesn’t cause you to extend yourself so much that you don’t find the run enjoyable. In this vein, make sure that you don’t push yourself past increasing the workload by 10% each week – that way you’ll reduce the chance of getting injured.

As a runner, it is critical to be able to listen to your body. Look for symptoms of exhaustion, and if noticed in the early stage, you can prevent them and lower their negative impact on your training and body.

Finding a right personal trainer can be perfect for setting realistic limits, make sure you know how to find a good personal trainer for your needs.

You Can Change as Soon as You Get Back

As soon as you stop running, your body temperature is going to drop… rapidly. That’s why it’s important to change as quickly as you can post-run. It doesn’t matter if you’re back in your warm house, the worst thing you can do is catch a chill after going for your run. Getting sick won’t just stop you from running in the short term, it will also draw a mental association between the running and getting sick – making it even harder to motivate yourself to get out there running each time.


Having a shower can also help. Reward yourself once you’ve finished running. Get as warm as possible by doing as many different things as you can think. How about settling down with a lovely cup of hot chocolate or a diet-friendly Mocha Latte? I find that a rewarding (small) self-pampering session after a full run will make me want to do it next time. It’s like when you were a student and would reward yourself with jelly beans for studying – we all did that right?

You Don’t Have to Challenge Yourself Too Much

I think I’ve kind of been saying this throughout this article, but one of the most important things to pay attention to during winter running is that you shouldn’t be challenging yourself too much. Winter running is different than summer running. It’s a lot heard for one, and it’s also got a lot more against you. The wind, the temperature, the weight of the clothes you’re wearing…

Running on the snow

Don’t challenge yourself too much when you’re going running during the winter – and especially don’t expect the same results as you would from summer running. It’s just not going to happen. Remember entering the pain cave state is not going to last you long.

Most Importantly, Get Out There and Go Winter Running

The most important thing is that you still get out there and get running. Follow these 5 cues for getting yourself motivated and you’ll find yourself enjoying your winter running in no time. Just be careful of the challenges winter will throw at you. They’re easily conquered, but you will need a bit of grit to get through them.  

Do You Prefer Winter or Summer Running?

31 thoughts on “5 Motivational Cues to Get You Up and Winter Running”

  1. The only place I could probably run is in the gym because the weather can get me messed up! These are some great tips for getting motivated for running in the winter! I suppose a good thing about being in LA is that we didn’t have a winter, so there’s a more significant motivation to run right there (the weather is great)! Oh man, I would LOVE a diet-friendly mocha latte! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Great post. I get motivated easily but it’s really hard to stay motivated. But I will try my level best to stay motivated. Thanks. 🙂

  3. it’s so key to have someone else to hold you accountable!
    meanwhile, how are these athletes surviving in the frigid cold in south korea!?!?! you should do a post on that!

  4. I need a bit of motivation to get out and about at this time of year. Much easier to sit at home but much better to go out!

  5. We don’t run, but we do walk. And will only skip a day if it’s too wet or icy. Walking isn’t as difficult as running, of course, but it’s all too easy to skip a day if you’re not motivated! Good post — thanks.

  6. I have to admit that I prefer to run indoors on a treadmill most of the year round Agnes, although I do venture outside in Summer! It’s not the fact it’s cold outside, I can handle that. It’s the streets and area I’d have to run round in the dark. But that’s a good idea about finding someone to go running with, as that would mean there would be two of us running through the not so great streets. I just need to find someone to run with! Great motivational post!

  7. These are such good tips! I agree, it’s so hard to get out there for a run when it’s really cold, especially in the morning, but after I’ve started and have warmed up, I’m always so glad that I did!

  8. on the days when i’m unmotivated to workout, i just try to start. i might not workout as hard as on a motivated day, but i tell myself that moving around is better than not, and as long as i get my heartrate up, that’s good enough for the lazy days (;

  9. This post is amazing inspiration! I use to run a lot in my 20’s but stopped bc I discovered the world of workout DVDs. I started to run again last summer with my dog but stopped once the rainy season started (mostly bc I don’t have decent running shoes). I want to keep it up with running bc the results are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I admit, I am a baby when it comes to exercising outdoors in the winter. My gym membership gets a lot of use this time of year. You provided some great tips though to help make working out easier when the cold weather hits.

  11. These are some great tips, I must admit I tend to take brisk walks rather than run’s these days. I am so busy so I spend my lunch breaks getting out and going for a power walk, running would make me too sweaty to return to work. I find putting on my headphones and catching up on new music a great motivator for getting out for some me-time! Especially in the winter.

    • Power walks are amazing, Emma. I either do them early in the morning or late at night. They give me a lot of energy!

  12. For the moment, I do yoga in the morning since we are staying at home …. hope to be back to nature soon ! Thank you dear for the inspiration ! Pinned !


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