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Paddleboarding is a fun activity that has become much more mainstream in recent years. Those looking to start paddleboarding may be intimidated by the price of some paddleboards. The good news, however, is not all paddleboards have to be expensive! There are plenty of great paddleboards on the market that are under $500. Take a look below at the list we’ve compiled of some of the best paddleboards under $500.

Best Paddle Board Under 500

What is the Best Paddle Board Under 500?

To find the Best Paddle Board Under 500 for you we have used several of boards for paddling under $500 and selected the absolute top 8 paddle boards under 500.

This is based on our first-hand experiences, years of practice as well as individual research on what others have to say, so that we can give you a more well-rounded review.

Feel free to scroll to the end of this article for a short buying guide and some frequently asked questions.

1. Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For All Skills

Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For All Skills
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 30.2 pounds (13.7 kg)
Size: 132 x 33 x 6 inches (335.3 x 83.8 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: SUP
Materials: PVC
Accessories included: Air Gauge

The Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is definitely one of the big boys in the realm of inflatable SUPs. Constructed from the highest quality military grade materials, this board has a built in drop-stitch core that’s ultra-light, for improved comfort and resilience, making it almost indestructible. Its 11 foot length and 33 inch width will certainly offer plenty of room to move around when you’re riding the waves on this board. Its got a high weight carrying capacity, able to support up to 352 pounds. Accessories also include a pump for easy inflating, a carry bag, and a paddle.


  • This model includes an air gauge to assist in getting the fill psi right,
  • Their great sales service policy means a safer purchase for you,
  • The deck has a non-slip pattern to keep you safer when it’s wet,
  • Easy set up and assembly right out of the box


  • Customers sometimes find damaged parts out of the box,
  • Some people have reported not receiving a pump in the box

2. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board including Accessories

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board including Accessories
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 17.5 pounds (7.94 kg)
Size: 120 x 33 x 6 inches (304.8 x 83.8 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: SUP
Materials: Aluminum
Accessories included: collapsible aluminum paddle, removable fin, coil safety leash, hand pump, waterproof bag for essentials such as cell phone and keys, and an upgraded backpack

Here’s the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Premium sup Accessories, a board you might want to take a closer look at. Made from military-grade materials, these paddleboards have a nonslip deck that offers greater safety and control for the rider. The lightweight design makes it easy for lifting and carrying around. This SUP is advertised to be 20% lighter than competitors’ similarly sized models. At only 17.5 pounds, this is certainly one of the lightest boards you’ll find on the market, which will help when you’re on those long walks to the beach. Having an extra-wide design gives this board greater stability in water, which means it’s easier to learn on than a narrow board.


  • These paddleboards are inflatable, so storage is simple,
  • Inflates easily with the manual pump that’s included,
  • Full accessory kit included to get you paddling quick,
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is included at no charge


  • Some customers report manufacturing defects causing failures,
  • Customers may find their after sales service lacking

3. ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 28.22 pounds (12.8 kg)
Size: 132 x 33 x 6 inches (335.3 x 83.8 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: SUP
Materials: Aluminum
Accessories included: Adjustable Paddle, Backpack, Waterproof Bag, Leash, Hand Pump, Repair Kit

With its wide 33 inch design, the Advenor Inflatable SUP offers improved stability on the water, compared to some of its smaller-width competitors. The kit comes with a double-action hand pump for speedy inflation and deflation. Also included are three removable fins, making fine-tuning your balance a breeze. The Advenor Inflatable SUP is able to carry a maximum weight of 330 pounds, making it a match for most single riders. An adjustable aluminum paddle will provide a personalized paddle length, which means less work and fewer muscle strains for the rider. When you’re done having a great time out on the water, the board fits neatly into its waterproof carrying bag, once deflated.


  • Very easy to maneuver while standing up so its more fun,
  • Inflatable for more convenience and lighter weight,
  • The traction pads are comfortable for sitting while riding,
  • Double-action hand pump included for reliable operation at the water


  • Fin locks may be finicky to get into place and may jam up completely,
  • Quality of construction can feel cheap to some,

4. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 13.89 pounds (6.3 kg)
Size: 126 x 30 x 6 inches (320 x 76.2 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: Surfing
Materials: Double PVC
Accessories included: coiled ankle cuff safety leash, Upgraded Aluminum paddle, manual air pump & storage bag

This is the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, an iSUP that’s rated for paddle boarding or surfing. This model has been around awhile, appearing on the market in 2018. The board’s dimensions are 10 feet 6 inches long, and 30 inches wide. This ratio may cause inexperienced riders to feel some instability on the water, so it may not be the best choice for beginners. At under 14 pounds in overall weight, this board should certainly feel light to carry. Anti-slip top deck, made from soft materials for safety. Aquamarine blue with black inlay color layout. This board is capable of handling some surfing.


  • Triple fin system on the bottom for added control,
  • Travel friendly so it’s great for taking on long trips,
  • Deflates easily at the end of the day for quick storage,
  • The package includes all the essential accessories you need


  • Some customers report that filling the board is difficult,
  • Colors may fade sooner than expected if left in the sun

5. Vilano Navigator Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Vilano Navigator Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 25 pounds (11.34 kg)
Size: 126 x 32 x 6 inches (320 x 81.3 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: All-Round
Materials: PVC
Accessories included: pump with integrated pressure gauge, adjustable paddle, removable fin, leash, carry bag and shoulder strap

We’re looking at the Vilano Navigator 10′ 6″ Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package, it’s an Allround iSUP rated for all skill levels. These have been on the market since 2018. It measures up at 10 feet 6 inches in length, and 32 inches wide. This size ratio provides good stability on the water. Construction includes high-grade PVC and drop stitched materials for durability. Customer reviews have indicated possible problems with the air gauge, on this model. Simple but elegant graphics design, aqua blue color with tungsten grey deck pad. At 25 lbs, this board may feel rather heavy to carry, for some.


  • Top deck features diamond groove anti-slip pattern,
  • Utility D-rings are affixed to the deck for stowing things,
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty on workmanship and materials,
  • This board is extra rigid and might feel like a hard board


  • This is an inflatable so you don’t leave it out in the sun,
  • This model may have air leaks even from brand new

6. SUP FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light for All Skill Levels

SUP FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light for All Skill Levels
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 17.6 pounds (7.98 kg)
Size: 126 x 33 x 6 inches (320 x 83.8 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: SUP
Materials: Aluminum, Polyvinyl Chloride
Accessories included: Board, adjustable aluminum paddle, high pressure pump, travel backpack, coil leash, waterproof bag, and 3 removable fins.

The FunWater ultra-light 10.5ft x 33inch SUP is a lighter weighing option among the contenders for inflatable SUPs, making them easier for people to carry, especially over greater distances. Its ultra-durable construction provides reliability and peace of mind, while promising years of fun on the water. FunWater ultra-light’s size and its 330 pound maximum weight rating suggest the space and carrying capacity to accommodate more than one rider, in case friends come along. Comes with a selection of 3 removable fins to help tune the board’s balance to the rider’s preference. Accessories also include a high pressure pump for easy inflating, a waterproof backpack, and an adjustable aluminum paddle.


  • Their effective customer support system results in fewer hassles and more fun,
  • Inflatable design means less space needed for storage,
  • Made with ultra-durable materials for long and reliable life,
  • Includes your choice of 3 fins plus other accessories


  • Filling to the specified psi can be a little tricky for some,
  • A repair kit is advertised as included, but some customers find it is missing

7. FunWater All Skill Levels SUP Inflatable Ultra-Light

FunWater All Skill Levels SUP Inflatable Ultra-Light
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 20.39 pounds (9.25 kg)
Size: 132 x 33 x 6 inches (335.3 x 83.8 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: SUP
Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride
Accessories included: 1×inflatable paddle board, 1×adjustable sup paddle ,3×fins , 1×sup pump , 1×backpack , 1×waterproof phone bag, 1×leash.

The FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP might be your next choice for a light-weight SUP. It sports military-grade double wall PVC and is up to 35% lighter than similar boards in its class. Excellent wear resistance and toughness are sure to provide longer life. These boards are large at 11 feet long and 33 inches wide, giving them very good stability on the waves. Its got a high weight carrying capacity, able to support up to 330 pounds. This model also has an ergonomic handle design to facilitate easier inflation and deflation. A built-in pressure gauge is handy and will let you know when the inflation psi is just right.


  • A multi-function elastic tie string is included for convenience,
  • An ultra-large backpack is also included for easier carrying,
  • The package also has the pump, phone bag and a safety leash,
  • 1 year warranty on some parts, and a 30 no-hassle return service


  • Customers have reported that the air pump may be defective,
  • Some accessories may not be included exactly as promised

8. Googo All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Googo All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 18.5 pounds (8.39 kg)
Size: 132 x 32 x 6 inches (335.3 x 81.3 x 15.2 cm)
Solid / Inflatable: Inflatable
Type: All-Round
Materials: Plastic, PVC
Accessories included: Paddle

Here’s another offering from the good people at Googo Corp, it’s the Googo All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, and it’s advertised as being great for all skill levels. It’s also one of the larger boards in it’s class, standing tall at 11 feet in length, with a sturdy 32 inch cross-beam, for terrific stability. This paddle board is tough as well as soft, because it’s made with both plastic and PVC construction. You’ll look good on the waves, too, because this board is a beauty to look at. If you’re in the market for a new board, take a look at this one.


  • Includes some accessories such as a paddle,
  • It’s an inflatable so it has to be light-weight,
  • Coast-guard orange color scheme to keep you safe,
  • 3 fin control system will make steering easy for sure


  • Plastic generally punctures easily,so it’s vulnerable to that,
  • You can’t leave these out in the sun too long or they’ll deflate


To sum up, out of the top 8 Best Paddle Board Under 500, our absolute top pick is Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For All Skills.

If you have the money, you can go for Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board including Accessories which is our premium pick.

However, there’s nothing wrong with going for the budget option, which we found to be the ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

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What You Should Know Before Buying paddle boards under 500

Value for money

If you are looking for a paddleboard that will be convenient for you, the way to go is hardboard. It is ready to go at all times, and you don’t have to waste time pumping it. Cheap paddleboards may appear attractive at first, but remember, they are made from low-quality materials. Their performance will be below par, and they are not durable.

Hardboards are made from solid materials, so they will never lose their buoyancy. If you are out paddling and the paddleboard gets damaged, you can paddle it back to shore and repair it. An inflatable paddleboard is full of air which is contained in one chamber. If anything happens and loses its atmosphere, it will not support your weight. With no weight support, you can’t paddle it back to safety.

Storage and portability

The paddleboard should be cleaned with fresh water and thoroughly dried before storage. Don’t expose your paddleboard to dirt, sand, and salt to avoid wear and tear. Avoid direct sunlight for your inflatable board for a long time. You should keep it indoors after use in a cool, dry place. You can store your board inflated or deflated, whichever you prefer. But if you won’t deflate fully, release a bit of the pressure to prevent damage from the air if it gets warm. Don’t put heavy things on your inflated board to avoid destroying the rocker. Remove the bords fin to avoid getting damaged.


If you want to go for long-distance paddles, the touring shape is the best. It has a pointed nose which is more efficient and has better performance. You’ll use fewer strokes with less effort, moving straighter with speed. However, this board is not ideal for beginners as it is hard to maneuver.

The other shape is a round nose. For the all-around paddleboard. The shape is wider, making it easier to maneuver and balance. The width also makes them not ideal for long distances and have no speed—best for sup surfing, rivers, and lakes.


When you are considering performance, solid boards offer the best performance. The boards are faster and smoother, unlike the inflatable boards. You’ll find solid boards more stable, especially when you encounter waves.

An inflatable board is better suited to handle bumps on the water than solid boards. If you want a board for yoga, then the inflatable can be a better choice as it’s softer.

Longer boards are faster than shortboards, but you’ll find them harder to maneuver. For a touring paddleboard, a longer length is preferred. The length makes it easier to move straight, and fewer strokes are needed.


For your safety, have a personal floatation device, like a safety jacket. Ensure your board is very safe by ensuring that no repairs are needed. If you are going to use an inflatable board, it should be inflated to the right pressure.

It will help if you also carry a mobile phone in a waterproof case in case of an emergency. Have all your essentials in a dry bag. Carry a puncture repair kit if you are using an inflatable board. Make sure you are dressed for the weather and wearing the correct gear.

Questions and Answers About paddle boards under 500

How long do Inflatable sup last?

If you have an inflatable that’s of average quality then you can expect to get at least five to ten years of normal use out of it, before it needs replacing. This, of course, is dependent on many factors such as unforeseen damages, the level of care you take in storing and maintaining it, and even how frequently you’ll be using it.

How should a beginner stand up paddle board?

You’ll want to start off in water that’s shallow, to make it easier to climb on the board, but also deep enough to keep the fin from bottoming out. Concentrate on maintaining your balance for the first while, which will help you control your own motion on top of the board. If standing up right away feels like the wrong idea, then just try resting on your hands and knees at first until your balance improves.

Are budget sup boards good?

Purchasing a budget SUP board might seem like a potentially unwise move, at first, given that most people these days tend to believe that you get what you pay for. While it’s true that you can expect to find some of the worst quality models within this price range, it’s also safe to say that some decent quality, budget-priced equipment can be found as well. If you’re a savvy shopper, you’ll likely find a budget SUP board that’s of reasonable quality.

What should I wear when paddle boarding?

As with all physical exercise, mobility and comfort will mean everything, and will only become more important out on the water. You’ll be moving around, so plan to get warmed up after a while. Wear layered clothing that’s easy to move in and breathes well. A sun hat is also a great asset to have along, and don’t forget your sunglasses.

Can two people ride the same paddleboard?

The deciding factor here is the board itself. Two people can certainly ride on a paddleboard, much the same as two people can share the same bicycle seat. However, out on the open water, things can be a bit trickier, and several factors could indeed affect your overall experience or even your safety. Always consider the size and weight ratings of the board before venturing out. The paddleboard should be properly rated to withstand at least the full weight of both riders.

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