Best Tasting Protein Bars

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Protein bars are becoming more readily available, and they are frequently seen as the simplest and fastest method to refuel, particularly while you are on the go. There are so many options now that it might be difficult to choose the best one. Many bars, for example, include just as much sugar as protein — a component that may easily add inches to your waistline rather than to your muscles. Here, we’ll be looking at the best tasting protein bars in terms of both flavor and nutrition.

Best Tasting Protein Bars

What are the Best Tasting Protein Bars?

To find the Best Tasting Protein Bars for you we have used several of flavour protein bars and selected the absolute top 6 protein bars.

This is based on our first-hand experiences, years of practice as well as individual research on what others have to say, so that we can give you a more well-rounded review.

Feel free to scroll to the end of this article for a short buying guide and some frequently asked questions.

1. CLIF BUILDERS Gluten Free Protein Bars

CLIF BUILDERS Gluten Free Protein Bars
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Bars in a Pack: 1
Protein Content: 20 grams
Gluten-Free: Yes
Nuts-Free: No
Calories per Bar: 280

Offering a blend of solid nutrition and sublime taste, the CLIF BUILDERS Gluten-Free Protein Bars have been a steady companion for many, helping to fortify workouts and rugged workdays alike. These bars boast of 20 grams of high-quality, plant-based proteins, including essential amino acids that play a critical role in muscle growth and repair. Whether your goal is to amplify your gym sessions or simply avoid that midday energy slump; these bars can fit the bill.

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat as each bar flaunts an exquisite chocolate flavor, satiating those sweet tooth pangs while delivering essential nutrients. What makes them even more appealing is that they have a low glycemic index, meaning that they provide a sustained energy release as the sugars are slowly digested and utilized by the body, preventing crashes later.

Furthermore, the bars are designed to suit the dietary needs of those avoiding gluten. This means you don’t give up your favorite post-workout snack while sticking to your gluten-free regimen. Without a doubt, the chocolatey CLIF BUILDERS gluten-free protein bars cater to your protein needs stylishly – all while keeping things tasty and satisfying.


  • Delicious chocolate flavor
  • Packs 20g plant-based proteins per serving
  • Gluten-free recipe
  • Low Glycemic index for sustained energy


  • Contains potential allergens like peanuts
  • Crumbly texture might be an issue for some

2. Built Bar 18 Pack Protein and Energy High Protein, Whey and Fiber Bars

Built Bar 18 Pack Protein and Energy High Protein, Whey and Fiber Bars
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Bars in a Pack: 18
Protein Content: 17 grams
Gluten-Free: Yes
Calories per Bar: 130

Looking for a high protein bar that simultaneously satisfies your sweet tooth and fuels your fitness goals? Check out the Built Bar 18 Pack Protein and Energy Bars. Crafted from a unique recipe, these bars are passionately blended with an exotic variety of chocolates, making a striking departure from your standard chalky, hard-to-chew protein bar.

These protein powerhouses stand out for their distinctive blend of low-carb, gluten-free ingredients that cater to a wide variety of dietary needs. Packed with whey and fiber, they’re intelligently designed to keep you feeling fuller, longer. The variety box curates an adventurous journey of flavors with each bar, adding a dash of delight to your daily protein intake. However, some people note that the texture of these bars might feel a tad sticky to the palate.

Besides their compelling nutritional profile, what sets Built Bars apart from the competition is their dedication to authenticity. Free from artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives, these bars truly prioritize natural, good-for-you ingredients. Despite this, it’s worth noting that, as with any food product, they might not perfectly match everyone’s individual palate preferences. For instance, they might not melt as effortlessly in the mouth as some may prefer.


  • Crafted with an exotic chocolate blend
  • Gluten-free rich nutrients
  • Offers a variety of taste sensations
  • Low-calorie count for a healthy snack choice


  • Texture might be overly sticky for some
  • Potential for less than optimal mouth meltability

3. No Nuts! 100% Nut Free Dairy Free Vegan Protein Bars

No Nuts! 100% Nut Free Dairy Free Vegan Protein Bars
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Bars in a Pack: 4
Protein Content: 12 grams
Gluten-Free: Yes
Nuts-Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes

The No Nuts! vegan protein bars offer a robust and delicious nutrient boost for folks with dietary restrictions. Made in a certified nut-free and gluten-free facility, they break down the barriers for individuals with nut allergies who crave a safe, healthy snack option.

Each assorted pack of this dairy-free protein bar comes with a diverse range of flavors, all infused with added sugars to balance the taste profile. This blend of variety and nutritional value makes it a firm favorite for fitness enthusiasts hunting for new, exciting flavors without sacrificing their nutritional goals.

Whether you’re winding down from a grueling calisthenics session or in need of a quick pick-me-up snack, No Nuts! provides a reliable hunger solution in a compact, portable format. Despite being dairy-free, this vegan protein bar maintains a satisfying texture and a flavor that can compete with traditional protein bars.


  • Nut-free, catering for those with allergies
  • Verified as gluten-free
  • Dairy-free, beneficial for potential lactose intolerants
  • Suitable for vegan lifestyles


  • Higher price range than some alternatives
  • Contains added sugars for flavor enhancement

4. Quest Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Keto Friendly Protein Bars

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Keto Friendly Protein Bars
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Bars in a Pack: 12
Protein Content: 20 grams
Gluten-Free: Yes

Fresh from our fitness kitchen, we introduce the Quest Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Keto Friendly Protein Bars. Just a bite and you’ll affirm these aren’t your average protein bars—imagine indulging in a freshly-baked brownie packed with comprehensive, dairy-based protein that refuels your body with necessary amino acids.

As a software engineer who loves to engage in physical activities, I always seek a protein bar that complements my busy schedule and fitness goals. With this protein bar in your kit, you can enjoy a delicious treat that balances macros and bolsters your body for a workout or a day at the office. As an added bonus, these bars are baked with a low-carb content that perfectly synergizes with a keto diet.

Every Quest chocolate protein bar is enriched with fiber which promotes a balanced nutrient profile and keeps you satiated for longer. Plus, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without concerns about added sugars—aiding your health journey while treating your palate. However, these bars are manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts, which means those with allergies might need to consult their doctor before indulging.


  • High-quality, dairy-based protein source
  • Keto, low-carb and gluten-free
  • High in fiber, no added sugars
  • Taste like freshly-baked brownies


  • Potential allergen concern
  • Slightly hard to chew

5. Blake’s Seed Based Snack Bar

Blake’s Seed Based Snack Bar
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 1.04 pounds (0.47 kg)
Bars in a Pack: 9
Protein Content: 4 grams
Gluten-Free: Yes
Nuts-Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Calories per Bar: 150

Immerse yourself in the delightful flavors of Blake’s Seed-Based Snack Bar. Crafted using premium, organic ingredients, these snack bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, and hand-prepared in a nut-free, sesame-free facility, catering to various dietary preferences.

Step into the day with a robust start – these snack bars make a nutritious breakfast addition, delivering essential nutrients you need to power through your daily tasks. Regardless of whether you’re embarking on an outdoor adventure, ploughing through your day at work, or unwinding during a cozy lunch break at school, these bars serve as an efficient quick-bite solution.

Although it’s possible that some consumers might detect a mild aftertaste, Blake’s snack bars confidently hit that sweet spot without any unnecessary added sweeteners. Plus, this variety pack offers an assortment of flavors to explore, positively eliminating any chance of snack-time boredom.

Take your pick from Blake’s Seed Based Snack Bars – fuel up sustainably, satisfy that sweet craving, and embrace a nutritious snack alternative that perfectly complements your active lifestyle.


  • No added sugars,
  • Nutritious breakfast supplement,
  • Adaptable to adults and kids,
  • Crafted with organic ingredients


  • Potential for an unusual aftertaste,
  • Variety pack flavors may not cater to all taste preferences

6. N!CK’S Keto Snack Bar Krispi Nougat

N!CK’S Keto Snack Bar Krispi Nougat
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 1.54 pounds (0.7 kg)
Bars in a Pack: 12
Protein Content: 15 grams
Nuts-Free: No
Calories per Bar: 190

In your quest for the perfect healthy snack, consider the N!CK’S Keto Snack Bar. Infused with a tasty blend of chocolate and hazelnut cream and enveloped in lavish chocolate, this snack bar is as nourishing as it’s scrumptious. Designed to fuel and invigorate your body throughout the day, N!CK’S snack bar is both protein-rich and low in carbs. With an interesting mix of good fats, proteins, and only 4g net carbs, maintaining your keto diet has never been simpler. Moreover, the absence of added sugars paired with its satisfyingly low calorie count means you can indulge guilt-free, without the typical fears about excessive weight gain.

Nevertheless, this high-protein nutritious treat may not work for everyone due to its manufacturing process. It’s crafted in a facility where other nuts are processed, which may render it a poor choice for folks with nut allergies. Additionally, it’s worth noting that N!CK’S snack bar may not be the best fit for those on a strict vegan diet.


  • Rich chocolate-coated,
  • Contains no added sugars,
  • No off-putting protein aftertaste,
  • Fits into a keto diet


  • Potential nut allergen,
  • Not optimal for vegan snacking


To sum up, out of the top 6 Best Tasting Protein Bars, our absolute top pick is CLIF BUILDERS Gluten Free Protein Bars.

If you have the money, you can go for Built Bar 18 Pack Protein and Energy High Protein, Whey and Fiber Bars which is our premium pick.

However, there’s nothing wrong with going for the budget option, which we found to be the No Nuts! 100% Nut Free Dairy Free Vegan Protein Bars.

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What You Should Know Before Buying protein bars


Protein bars have evolved to encompass an array of tantalizing choices beyond bland and chalky textures. Think decadent dark chocolate, irresistible cookie dough caramel, invigorating mint, or homely apple pie. There’s a flavor for every preference, and the choice hinges on your personal taste palette. However, it’s important to temper taste with nutrition. Enjoying your protein bar shouldn’t come at the cost of your wellness—certain brands utilize a surplus of artificial flavorings or sweeteners, adding unwanted extras. These could render your protein bar less healthy than you’d want it to be. So, when you’re choosing your flavor, do a quick check for its artificial additive content. A balanced blend of delectable taste and beneficial, natural components is the key to an optimal protein bar experience.

Not recommended for

While protein bars promise instant energy and vital nutrients, it’s crucial to remember they’re not universally beneficial. Namely, they can be counterproductive to those with specific health conditions, such as diabetes. Most standard protein bars often pack artificial sweeteners and sugars, which can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels in diabetics, leading to harmful effects.

Furthermore, if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition like Amyloidosis, the protein content in these bars can translate into more harm than good. These proteins can potentially disturb several bodily functions and even damage major organs like the heart, liver, and spleen—not to mention the digestive tract. As always, before incorporating any new dietary element, like protein bars into your routine, do consult with your medical practitioner for advice tailored to your individual health status.

Vegan options

When it comes to fueling our bodies on the go, protein bars are a handy ally to have in your sports bag. But for those dedicated to a vegan lifestyle, you need to stick with options free from typical ingredients like yogurt powder or milk. Guess what? You’ve got a plethora of plant-based options for protein bars at your fingertips. Pea protein, brown rice, and even soy lend their muscle-building benefits to special vegan versions of these convenient snacks. Not a huge fan of soy? That’s alright! The protein bar market also caters to those with a knack for nuts and seeds. No matter your preference, there’s a deliciously nutritious vegan solution waiting for you.

Cost per bar

Discussing cost when it comes to protein bars is a matter of considering both value and quality. The prices you’ll encounter are mainly dictated by the ingredients that make up each bar. Specialized proteins bars, like those developed for diabetics or concocted specifically for athletes, often have a more varied price range.

With a dollar as the starting point, most protein bars can stretch upwards to about eight dollars per bar. It’s essential to take into account that while the initial price may seem steep for a glorified snack, you’re actually investing not just in the product itself, but in the nutritional and biotic value it brings to your dietary regimen. So, next time you’re shopping for protein bars, remember that the “cost per bar” doesn’t just represent its monetary value, it reflects the quality and effectiveness it can bring to your lifestyle.

Questions and Answers About protein bars

How soon before a workout should I eat a protein bar?

For a workout boost, munch on a protein bar about 30-60 minutes prior. This timing prevents feeling sluggish, while ensuring vital amino acids are available for muscle use. Remember, everyone’s needs differ, adapt the timing to suit your body.

Can I eat protein bar everyday?

Sure, considering protein bars as a daily snack is perfectly fine, given that it’s well-balanced and nutritious rather than sugar-packed. Please be mindful, some bars may contain high amounts of sugars, fats, or calories which could add to health issues like obesity or diabetes. Always scrutinize nutritional values prior to purchase.

Does protein bars raise blood sugar?

The impact of protein bars on blood sugar levels is primarily derived from their ingredient composition. Bars packed with natural, low-sugar ingredients may not cause any significant blood sugar spikes. However, those loaded with sugar or elements like corn syrup can indeed raise your blood sugar.

Should I be wary of calories and sugar in protein bars?

Absolutely, being aware of the sugar content and caloric value in your protein bars is key to ensuring your fuel choice complements your nutritional plan. A protein bar that comes with anything over 6-8 grams of sugar can do more harm than good.

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