Essential ‘Must-Haves’ When Taking up Running

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Running is one of those fitness activities that everyone says is addictive. Once you are hooked you can’t live without it and those who are into it just don’t feel right if they miss their regular run. Am I right?

But for most of us mere mortals, we are nowhere near that stage but would like to be. And that means accepting, to begin with, before the addiction kicks in we are in for a lot of hard work and pain.

But the theory is, stick with it long enough and the habit will become something we can’t live without. The trick is making it to that point and to do that, we need a little help. Having the right kit is one step on that path to help reach those goals and hopefully make sure we don’t give up.

Here are some things you should consider having for when you first start out.

The Right Footwear is Vital

Running puts a lot of pressure on the lower body. It is considered high impact, and can be very tough on the feet, ankles, shins and knees. Especially if you are not used to it.

While you may not want to spend a couple of hundred pound on bespoke running trainers, chosen to suit your running style and require use of a shop based treadmill, you should at the very least consider a half decent pair in the interim.

There are some excellent choices online, with great value. For example, you can search a whole selection of retailers at UK to find a good pair at a reasonable price that offer good ankle support and foot cushioning. If you stick with your new hobby you can also upgrade to the all singing and dancing pair.

Figure out How You are Going to Carry Your Smartphone

Trust me you do not want to carry it in your hand. You definitely do not want to leave it behind. What you need is a decent place to store it securely while you run.

There are plenty of options out there. Running trousers or shorts with a built in zip pocket, or an upper arm or wrist carrier to secure it. You can even get thigh holsters these days to help.

The point is, your smartphone is essential for several reasons, and not just for emergency pickups when you have overdone it and need rescuing. Listening to music while running is well known to provide motivation and produce excellent results.

In addition, there are some brilliant running apps out there, with everything from coaching and training to help manage your progression, to apps that use your GPS to track your distance and time on every run, so you can start to see how much you’ve improved week on week. To do all of that you need to be able to carry the darn thing.

Decent Clothing that is Comfortable and Breathable

Choose your clothing wisely. You need something that is comfortable, fits well, and is breathable. You also need something that is going to cope well with perspiration and can be worn whatever the weather if you are running outdoors.

There are a huge number of very well know brands, like Adidas and Nike, producing specialist clothing for runners without breaking the bank. The more comfortable you can be when starting out, the more likely you are to continue with the activity.

Don’t forget as well that clothing include both socks and underwear. Both are very important for comfort while exercising. Particularly socks if you are running and a really supportive sports bra if you are a woman.

A Positive Attitude and Clear Goals

The last piece of the puzzle is not something you can buy unfortunately, You need to believe in yourself. Have a positive mindset that you can achieve what you have set out to achieve.

Set yourself some reasonable goals, that are within reach and just go for it. Don’t allow yourself to be set back by failure. You see it as an opportunity to try and again and do better, you can do this.

What are your Essential ‘must-haves’ when taking up running?

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