Ultimate Guide on What to Wear to the Gym

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Most people nowadays take gyms seriously and dedicate an entire section of their wardrobes to gym attires. After most workouts, one may feel tired and accomplished, muscles aching and possibly soaked in sweat after a challenging workout. You wouldn’t believe it, but the gym attire you choose might affect how you feel before, during and afterward. The fabric of your workout clothes and whether or not they are appropriate for the type of exercise you will be doing are two things that can influence how comfortable they are. Keep reading in order to have an idea about what you should wear to the gym and what to consider. 


  1. What to Look for in gym wear:
  • Material
  • Breathability
  • Stretchability 
  • Fabric
  • Comfort
  • Cutting
  • Quality
  • Color
  1. Gym attire:
  • Gym shorts
  • Yoga pants
  • Sweat pants
  • Sport bars
  • Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Training shoes
  1. Items to avoid:
  • Baggy clothes
  • Tight clothes
  • Make-up
  • Jewelry
  1. Tips to consider:
  • Consider having a gym bag 
  • Use workout gloves and headbands
  • Don’t forget your body sprays
  • Your playlist should be your best buddy

What to look for in gym wear


While working out, some textiles can draw sweat away from your skin while others absorb it. Make sure to choose clothing composed of breathable materials like polyester. 

gym clothes are usually designed with sweat friendly fabrics but still should be chosen carefully


One of the most important traits to look for when it comes to shopping for your gym clothes. Make sure you avoid clothes that are made out of rubber or plastic as they don’t let the air flow and will make working out harder.


Gym clothes shouldn’t be too tight, and not too loose either. Stretchy clothes are durable, feel lightweight, and guarantee accidents-free workouts.


Most gym clothes are made of polyester fabric. It is fast-drying, wrinkle resistant, and very easy to clean after every workout session


When seeking the best material for your workout clothes, make sure you test the comfort beforehand and pick what works best for you. You are in absolute need of clothes that feel lightweight and soft so working out becomes easier.


It’s essential to wear top-notch workout attire. Good quality keeps the clothing from breaking quickly and helps you save money. You should wear clothes that are high-quality fabrics. That way, you’ll perform amazingly well during your workouts. 


Anyone could develop preferences for certain colors in clothing. For example, most people usually pick hues that draw attention to how their bodies are shaped and how they look. However, selecting the proper shade for your sportswear has benefits beyond just looks. According to science, the color of your clothing has an impact on how much heat it absorbs. It gets hotter because darker clothes tend to absorb more light. When exercising, use light-colored sportswear to feel cooler.

Gym attire

People who exercise and go to the gym have as their main objective to either stay fit, lose weight or maintain and improve their form. However, working out in the incorrect attire would be more detrimental than beneficial. In addition, you should exercise in supportive undergarments. For instance, when exercising for women, the breasts must be securely supported and shielded to prevent discomfort while working out. As for men, comfortable gym shorts are highly crucial. Here are the gym clothing items that you definitely need to have in your wardrobe. 

your proper gym clothes should be as comfortable as possible

Gym shorts

Even though there are many different material combinations, the finest workout shorts will all have the ability to wick away moisture to lessen perspiration. Additionally, some shorts include four-way stretch fabric, which stretches both across and longitudinally before returning to its former shape.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants offer comfort and flexibility, wicking moisture from the body to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. They also allow air to the legs so you feel comfortable especially when doing pilates. Additionally, Yoga pants provide a positive body image and make you feel comfortable in your body.

Sweat pants

Sweatpants are usually more comfortable in cold weather. They are often worn for both working out and relaxing purposes. Wearing sweatpants during your workouts is actually quite beneficial as it makes you sweat and have productive workouts especially when it is cold. You can also lean on sweatpants when doing harsh exercises that could lead to injuries, because they usually have a bootcut that isn’t tight around the ankles.

Sports bra

All types of workout clothes, including sports bras, are made of moisture-wicking fabrics that promote faster drying which results in a far more energizing workout. As a result, a sports bra is lighter and provides the greatest amount of sweat containment and control.

Tank Top

Tank tops, especially the ones made out of moisture wicking fabrics, allow you to workout comfortably and still be stylish. If you’re doing shoulder or back exercises, tank tops are the best choice as they provide you with enough comfort to move and make a better performance especially when lifting weights. 

Training shoes

Training shoes are suitable for a variety of sports including jumping, running, and even gym workouts. Make sure you pick the shoes that fit you perfectly and are healthy and recommended by experts. There are many types of training or specific gym shoes that you can wear to the gym. Running shoes are the most common as they offer better comfort and improve your performance when exercising.

Items to avoid

Baggy clothes

When you’re exercising in baggy clothing, you could potentially put yourself in danger. You can lose your balance or drop a weight if they get trapped on a piece of exercise equipment. Additionally, wearing garments that are too big can make it more difficult for you to move around. Make sure to find clothing that genuinely fits you and makes you feel amazing; looking nice is just a bonus. Today’s workout clothes are designed to improve how the body moves.

clothes that fit you perfectly are what you need the most

Tight clothes

Exercise-related attire shouldn’t limit your range of movement. You should know the difference between tight clothes and compression tights and bras. Regular tight clothing is bad during exercising as it makes working out uncomfortable. It has also been proven to be unhealthy. 

Compression clothing, on the other hand, helps you to workout easier and recover faster by forcing blood to go more quickly and efficiently to your heart, which then pumps oxygen-rich blood back to your tired muscles. It is also more beneficial to cool down in your compression clothes. 

It’s also proven by dermatologists how wearing tight clothes that are not breathable during workouts results in sweat accumulation which itself leads to skin breakouts like acne and clogged pores. 


Supposedly, nothing seems wrong with a light makeup look, but the gym isn’t a place for makeups due to many reasons. Sweating causes oil to gather under makeup, which irritates skin and encourages acne breakouts. If your intention is to work out at the gym, it is better to do so with freshly cleansed skin and only a light sunscreen on.


It might not be safe to leave your jewelry in the gym lockers but you can always leave it at home. Your grip on the weights may be affected, and there is a major risk if the weight escapes your grasp if you wear rings when lifting. Additionally, pressing a weight against your ring can damage the ring surface, skin and leave deep indentations. 

Tips to consider

Consider having a gym bag

Having a bag designed just for the gym is a time saver. You can always leave it ready and packed for whenever you decide to workout at the gym. Make sure you always pack towels, extra socks, and your water bottle. Also, snacks, protein bars, supplements, and bandages are a great addition to your essentials.

Use workout gloves and headbands

Wearing weight lifting gloves may be the best choice if you have any skin conditions or are worried about bacteria or warts. In addition, a headband is necessary if you wear bulky sweaters. Nothing kills workouts worse than sweat dripping inside your eyes.

Don’t forget your body sprays

Based on your preferences, make sure to deodorize both before and after each activity. It makes you smell better. It is also considered polite for people around you, and ultimately makes you feel more self-assured.

Your playlist should be your best buddy

Scientifically speaking, your body performs repetitive movements more effectively when you listen to music because it activates the area of your brain that controls movement. This synchronization raises your heart rate, metabolism, and energy efficiency while simultaneously lowering your blood pressure and stress levels both physically and mentally. You can reduce background noise and concentrate on your activity with the aid of a good pair of headphones.


Exercising at the gym boosts your confidence and improves your mood. Plus, you get access to all equipment. Dressing well guarantees a comfortable and effective workout. The right athletic clothing keeps you safe from injuries, enhances breathability, shields you from the weather, and supports your fitness mindset.


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