How I Stay Motivated and Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Travelling

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If you are constantly travelling like me, you need to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy life and working out does not have to stop because you are in another country or you’re on a trip. That is not an excuse. If you are on the road most of the time just like me, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have several friends who often ask me how I stay in shape despite my travels. They seem to have a great fitness and healthy food regimen at home, but once they are on the road, everything just goes away. I believe that it is important to continue making progress on your fitness regimen and choosing the right type of food while travelling.

healthy breakfast in Japan
Healthy breakfast in Japan.

I have to admit though that it is not easy, especially if a country or a place that I’m in has especially good food. Here are some guidelines on how I keep myself motivated to live a healthy lifestyle even while travelling:

#1 I keep focused on the goal

A healthy lifestyle is more than just a physical regimen. It is also a state of mind. To keep my motivation, I focus on my fitness goals and keep my head in the game wherever I am. I could be in the jungles of Costa Rica or the rice paddies of Vietnam, but my head is still in the game. And the game is getting fit and being healthy.

Running Up The Steps

So I find time to run or walk briskly. I also choose the food that I eat very carefully (currently paleo-based diet). The trick is NOT to forget that you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

#2 I keep exercise a constant

One of the reasons why I love to travel is because of unpredictability. It is very exciting for me to NOT know what the next adventure is. Most of my travels, especially when I’m with Cez, are full of spur-of-the-moment decisions and uncertainties. However, one thing that cannot be compromised and is constant during my travels is exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to just be in a gym. Whenever I’m travelling, I often find creative ways to exercise, and that is so much fun. Sometimes Cez and I take a bike tour of a city or swim in the hotel pool. My favourite exercise so far is walking up and down the steps of the Badaling side of the Great Wall of China.

Keeping in touch with your personal trainer can be perfect way of staying focused on your workout goals, make sure you know how to find a good personal trainer for your needs.

#3 I eat healthy travel snacks

There is a huge temptation to eat lots of snacks while travelling, especially when you get hungry on the road. I buy healthy snacks at all times so that whenever I get hungry, I don’t indulge in junk foods. I just reach inside my bag and get a healthy travel snack. Some of my favourites are peanuts, almonds, cherry tomatoes, peanut butter, a bag of sliced vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, and celery are my staples) and toasted pumpkin seeds.

a girl drinking a strawberry smoothie in North Korea
Drinking a strawberry smoothie in North Korea.

#4 I have one splurge meal per day

I make sure that I don’t miss out on the yummy food that a place has to offer by having one splurge meal.

pancakes and coffee
Breakfast of champions!

We love digging into huge breakfasts with a large coffee on the side. Then we just eat our healthy snacks all throughout the day, have a small lunch and then treat ourselves to a nice, filling and healthy dinner. We usually research the most notable cuisine or healthy restaurants/cafeterias in the area, and that’s where we have the majority of our meals.

takeaway veggie salad
Veggie salad!

Before even going to a restaurant in a new place, we already have an idea what to order – a lot of veggies, some fish or meat, nuts, avocados! 

#5 Remember that moderation is the secret of success

Whenever we are travelling, we always make it a point to have fun. If we limit ourselves too much, there is a chance that we will not have the best experience. I just keep in mind that there are things that I can eat or things that I can do.


Then not just to overdo it. I always listen to what my body says. I don’t want to feel deprived, but I also don’t want to lose my self-control.

What are your secret tips to stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle when travelling? Share them in comments! 

34 thoughts on “How I Stay Motivated and Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Travelling”

  1. I always struggle staying healthy when I travel, it’s so easy to indulge in junk food and do no exercise when I’m not at home. But I’ll keep your tips in my mind for the next time, then I’ll have really no excuse anymore to be lazy 😉

  2. Agness, these are great tips. I don’t travel too much anymore because I have three young children, but there was a day when I did and that’s when your tip #1 kicked in. You really have to have the mind set going in, don’t you? So glad you commented on my blog– happy to find each other.

  3. I used to travel often for work and would be in situations where I had limited choices about what to eat. If dessert is going to be served at lunch and dinner, I have a hard time turning it down! Good for you for sticking to your goals.

  4. This is so good, and timely! I’m the worst when I travel. The second I hit an airport I’m all “Swedish fish? Yes please!”

    Then I get home and wonder why I gained 5lbs and have a tummy ache.

  5. Such great tips! I work from home now, and I find it hard to stay motivated to work out. I eat well, I just need to get moving now 🙂

  6. Some really great advice there. It can be a challenge when travelling but I do so much walking when away that it balances out. And you can do squats and lunges anywhere lol.

  7. I love your point about finding creative ways to exercise. When I go on vacay with my hubby, we love planning active things into our trips – swimming, hiking, etc. If I’m traveling for business, I like hotels that offer running paths/routes, or I’ll plan out a body weight circuit to do in my hotel room. You can definitely fit in fitness anywhere!

  8. Eating healthy and exercising while travelling is definitely not easy, but so worth it! And I totally agree about moderation being key! Great tips, Agness. P.S. that icecream looks so cool! Such a different colour!

  9. Keeping a healthy lifestyle while travelling is a challenge! You have to be really consistent and mindful of what you eat.

  10. These are such great tips, Agness! Not only for traveling, but for keeping fit and healthy every day! It’s all about moderation and consistency! 🙂

  11. Great tips!!!! I am such a foodie that I get carried away when I travel and eat 3x than I normally would. All that extras have finally caught up with me. Narrowing down to one bad meal would be helpful and fitting in creative excercise is a must. I will keep all your tips in mind on my next trip. ✈️

  12. These are such great tips 🙂 I adore both travelling and exercise (running in particular!) but tend to struggle when I travel; I think trying to stay more focussed on my end-goals is going to be v helpful for me 🙂

  13. One splurge meal a day is important when traveling…food is one of the ways you get to enjoy a country’s heritage.

    • It is, indeed. I do have days when I indulge WAY TOO MUCH and it never stops at one meal but well, happens when you are a travel FOODIE LOL 🙂


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