My top 5 super powerful smoothie monsters

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Smoothies are awesome, healthy, colorful and powerful. They are great for stomachache, headache, anemia, weight loss and hangover. In today’s note I want to introduce you to my top 5 super powerful smoothies I drink daily for either my breakfast or my snack. They give me a lot of energy to cycle, study and work.

#1 Green monster

Spinach + almond milk + vanilla protein powder + banana

Green Smoothie

#2 Purple monster

Kale + yogurt + blueberries + peanut butter

Purple Smoothie

#3 Red monster

Coconut water + strawberries + raspberries + chia seeds

Strawberry Smoothie

#4 Yellow monster

Acai powder + cinnamon + pineapple + mango + coconut milk

Yellow Smoothie

#5 Orange monster

Orange juice (freshly squeezed) + quark + peanut butter

Orange Smoothie 2

Ready in 5 minutes and all you need is the blender. Yummy! Yummy! ENJOY IT!

15 thoughts on “My top 5 super powerful smoothie monsters”

    • Hahahah Always!! I mostly use fresh fruits (90%), but when I don’t have time to buy them, I use my frozen blueberries and strawberries 🙂

    • Me too!! <3 them!! Just prepared my banana + kiwi protein smoothie with spinach and almond milk for tomorrow! Delicious! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  1. I’ve been looking for new smoothie recipes for spring. Thank you so much for posting this. Can’t wait to try it out

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