Top 10 Youtube Channels for Best Home Workouts for Men

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Home workouts are an inexpensive way to remain fit and healthy. Due to many workouts on YouTube being free it is an inexpensive and convenient way to work out. You no longer have to pay for a hefty gym membership, travel to a gym, wait in line to use the gym equipment and the list goes on. As a result of all this, many people are forgoing gym memberships and choosing to work out at home. All you need to work out at home is a designated workout area and a strong internet connection. There are many fitness experts and trained instructors that now upload their workouts to Youtube. These workouts are free and designed by a fitness expert. Read on to discover the top 10 workouts on Youtube for men.

1) Jeff Nippard

If your primary goal is to increase muscle mass through strength training targeted at different muscle groups – such as abs, calves, biceps, glutes, traps and quads, then you should try one of Jeff’s videos. You will experience a full-body workout with Jeff. His videos are diverse, some focusing on specific parts of the body, this gives you the option to work on specific parts of your body where you want to build muscle. Jeff Nippard is a trained bodybuilder with a degree in Biochemistry. Jeff’s videos are not only workout videos, he provides some important information about nutrition and resistance training. You will get an all-around experience through his free YouTube videos.

2) Officialthenx

Chris Heria and his crew created the channel OFFICIALTHENX. This Youtube channel is dedicated to creating calisthenic workouts. Calisthenics is a form of strength training. These workouts are mostly targeted at large muscle groups and need little or no equipment. These workouts are ideal for home workouts and help you build more lean muscle whilst toning the muscles you have. If you are a beginner Chris Heria has videos that offer step-by-step information on how to get started with bodyweight exercises. These workouts are ideal for beginners that are starting out their fitness journey.

3) Mike Rashid

Former professional boxer and now bodybuilder and entrepreneur Mike Rashid have created a variety of intense workouts that will leave you feeling the burn. Mike Rashid’s videos offer heavy weight training, boxing, and eating plans all designed to help burn calories. Although his workouts are free, to participate you will need to purchase some weights for lifting and a boxing bag with gloves. Mike’s goal is to help you increase your endurance and overall fitness through intense workouts that increase your heart rate, by offering a holistic approach to training.

4) ScottHermanFitness

Scott Herman posts regular workouts for men on his channel. This means that you will have access to new free workouts regularly. Scott Herman offers a range of videos that cover a couple of different topics. He offers:

  • Full-body workouts
  • How to videos
  • Common training mistakes made at home
  • Fat loss tips and tricks
  • General fitness tips and advice

If you are looking for an all-around inspiring and informative fitness guide to get fit, lose weight and learn how to avoid injuries when working out, we recommend Scott Herman Fitness.

5) Seniority Health – Six Pack Abs

Not all men will be able to subscribe to the same workout channels on YouTube. A lot of what you can do is also based on your age and personal limitations or restrictions. For men over 40 years old that are still wanting to remain in shape or kick start their workout regimes, we recommend Seniority Health – Six Pack Abs.

Although many of the workouts on this channel are directed to audiences over 40 years old that does not mean that those that are younger cannot try them out. These videos offer effective full-body workouts and nutrition tips to get you in the best shape of your life regardless of your age.

6) Livestrong

Livestrong offers an incredible selection of videos aimed at improving your strength and flexibility, including targeted workouts. This channel offers floor workouts, strength training, flexibility, and yoga, as well as a range of other workout tips. These videos have been created with a busy audience in mind, videos are short. This makes it easy for you to create your workout schedule based on a variety of short videos on offer.

7) Popsugar Fitness

If you want to work out like a celebrity, then you should try Popsugar Fitness. This YouTube home workout channel often hosts celebrity trainers on their show that demonstrate exercises that they use on their famous clients. You also have the opportunity to join live classes on Sundays and Wednesdays where you will be working out life with one of the Popsugar trainers. You have the option of targeted workouts or full-body workouts.

8) Juice & Toya

Juice and Toya are two fitness experts, their videos are dedicated to workouts, nutrition, motivation, and lifestyle. Workouts are a combination of bodyweight training and weight lifting. Their videos offer the option of full-body workouts as well as targeted workouts. They also offer great nutrition information through Q&A videos. They are a great duo that keeps you motivated throughout your workout encouraging you to reach your fitness goal.

9) Tiff & Dan

This fitness couple has teamed up to create workout home workout videos. Dan’s videos are made with a male audience in mind. These former gym instructors left the gym and decided to create videos that bring the gym to their audience at home. Videos with Tiff & Dan are a combination of HIIT workouts – High-Intensity Interval Training-, full body workouts, bodyweight training, and exercising with gym equipment. With a variety of workout programs available on their channel, you can choose a program that has been created and stick with it. This is the best way to stay motivated and stick to a healthy workout schedule with a clear goal in mind.

10) Oliver Sjostrom

Oliver Sjostrom is a personal trainer that creates intense home workouts on his YouTube channel. His workouts are perfect for home training because they require no equipment. With his main focus being on bodyweight training you do not need to rush out to buy any expensive equipment you merely need your mat, some water, workout clothes, and a good internet connection to get fit. He offers a range of short workouts which are great if you have little time to work out or if you want to use his videos to build up your workout schedule.

There are possibly millions of home workout videos available on YouTube. These made the Top 10 because the trainers are accredited, and they already have a good following which puts you in safe hands. As with any type of exercise we recommend that you listen to your body and work within your limit.

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