Top 10 Youtube Channels for Home Workouts for Women

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YouTube has made home workouts more accessible and popular. Many trained fitness instructors have taken to YouTube to upload workout videos as an alternative way to grow their brand and following. To search for the best home workout channels we have found the top ten home workout channels for women. Each channel has something different to offer.

Due to women’s menstrual cycle and the hormones that she produces during various times of the month, her body will have a cyclical increase and decrease in energy. Having a range of workouts that vary from intense cardio to gentle workouts is an important way of keeping your body in balance, and is a great compliment to your stretching routine.

While many male instructors are highly effective, learning with a female instructor is rather helpful as they may understand the female body condition better, especially pertaining to the hormonal and menstrual cycles that women go through. 

If your goals are to lose weight, tone your body, increase your endurance or increase your flexibility these different instructors will have you covered.  You might find that working out with a range of different instructors is a great way to create a balance in your body and to honor your hormonal changes. Each woman is unique, so find what works for you and helps you to feel good and confident in your own body. 

1. Yoga with Adriane 

Yoga with Adriane is a channel run by yogi and fitness enthusiast Adriane. Adriane has adopted the catch phrase “Find what feels good”. She aims to help women connect with their bodies and find movement that feels good. 

Adriane offers at-home yoga classes for all levels of yoga – beginner, intermediate to expert. Her classes are dynamic and offer a range of yoga workouts that are created with your needs in mind. Her videos include full-body yoga workouts as well as targeted yoga – arm strengthening, core workouts, back bends, shoulders etc –  and workouts. 

Yoga with Adriane offers so much more than just breaking a sweat during yoga, she also does videos on meditation and breathwork. Offering a holistic approach to health and fitness. When you are feeling low in energy but still want to move your body we recommend trying Yoga with Adriane, you can easily find some restorative workouts. 

2. Caroline Deisler

Caroline Deisler is a former German Model that left the runway and chose to share healthy nutrition and workout videos that work for women. She offers free home workout videos on her YouTube with the option to buy her nutrition plans and recipes. She is a powerful inspiration for women. She is honest about her previously unhealthy relationship with food and exercise and demonstrates how to love your body through her workouts. Caroline’s workouts vary in intensity and duration. She offers:

  • core workouts – sit ups, crunches, plank holds
  • leg and glute workouts – leg raises with or without ankle weights, squats, leg lifts, bum lifts and more
  • arm workouts – both with and without weights.
  • full body workout so you can feel a full body burn.

 Most of her videos are low impact, meaning that your joints are not being impacted through lots of jumping. This makes these workouts great for you if you are recovering from a joint injury.  

Caroline teaches her audience how to workout in a way that can tone your cellulite, define your muscle and help you lose weight. She is a big advocate of eating right and also teaches her audience about nutrition to help them remain fit and healthy both on and off their workout mat. 

Her videos have something to offer all fitness levels. If you are just starting out, you will have access to easier workouts, or intense workouts for a shorter amount of time. This allows you to grow with Caroline, because as you get fitter you can include more of her workouts. 

She creates easy-to-follow intense full-body workouts, as well as targeted low-impact workouts. 

3. Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise grew up participating in team sports. She is naturally athletic however she struggled with gym workouts as she found them overwhelming and confusing. 

Rebecca now uses her knowledge to train women at home through her YouTube channel. Rebecca’s videos offer a range of workouts. You have the choice of full body workouts aimed at toning and building lean muscle or targeted workouts aimed at weight loss. 

Her main goal is to help her clients lose weight. She knows that some women struggle with weight loss and so her workouts are aimed at losing weight through high-intensity workouts. These include:

  • Jump squats
  • Lots of repetitions
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Co-ordinated arm and leg movements

Rebecca’s workouts are designed to increase heart rates and burn calories. Her cardio workouts are ideal for when you have lots of energy to burn and if you do not have any injuries that need extra attention.  

With over 715 thousand subscribers her YouTube channel is a success. 

4. XHIT Daily

XHIT Daily is a great home workout channel for women. New workout videos are released each day. 

These videos are usually around 20 minutes long, which is ideal for modern-day women who might not have too much time available to work out. 

Trained instructors offer tips on how to reach your body goals, remember your body goal is unique to you. You will have the opportunity to explore this YouTube channel and find a home workout that helps you achieve your specific goal. These goals could include:

  • Tone your calves,
  • Shape your bum and lose weight on your thighs
  • Strengthen your legs muscles
  • Increase your endurance
  • Lose weight
  • Tone your arms 
  • Strengthen your core

You have access to a playlist of videos that target different parts of the body, such as legs, arms, abs, core and glutes. This allows you to focus on one area of your body at a time, or you could combine these videos to create a longer full-body workout for yourself. 

5. Sweat

Sweat is possibly one of the most followed workout App at the moment. 

These 30-minute cardio workouts are designed to help women:

  • Lose weight through cardio and calorie-burning workouts by mixing in planks, jumps, leg lifts, squats, lunges, sits ups, crunches, and more. 
  • Tone your muscles and build lean muscle through low-impact workouts and repetitions. 

The founder and face of Sweat is Kayla Itsines, she is dedicated to creating home workouts that work for women. She is a trained fitness instructor and knows how to keep her audience motivated through the screen. 

Sweat videos do ensure that you physically sweat during the workout. Workouts include HIIT and bodyweight training ensuring that you get a full body workout in just 30 minutes. Due to her workouts being rather intense, be mindful of any injuries you might have and try her lesser intense workouts if you feel your joints need a break. 

6. Heather Robertson 

Heather Robertson creates intense 20-minute home workout videos.  These short videos are a great way for women with a busy lifestyle to still squeeze in a workout at home. 

Her videos include cardio calorie burning workouts and HIIT workouts. To achieve a full body workout Heather’s workouts include: 

  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Jumping – jump squats
  • Jogging on the spot
  • Lunge jumps

These high-intensity workouts are designed to help lose weight by burning more calories and increasing your heart rate. 

For women that do not enjoy running, these workouts are a great alternative. The workouts in these videos are intense and are aimed at helping you lose weight without having to run.  

The workouts do not include equipment, making them easy to follow in the comfort of your home. 

7. Natasha Océane

Women that opt for low-impact workouts do so because not only are they gentle on joints, but they are ideal for times when you have little energy or want to tone up your body over targeted weight loss.  

Natasha Océane offers low-impact home workouts on her YoutTube channel. If you are someone who is intimidated by HIIT classes, then you should start with Natasha Océane’s home workout videos. Her workouts are a slow introduction to HIIT. This is done through workouts that include:

  • Standing oblique crunches 
  • Low impact half jumping jacks
  • Tricep dips
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

These low-impact workouts get more challenging as you get through more reps. You will tone muscle and through consistently working out also lose weight. 

8. Madfit 

Madfit videos focus on beginner workouts. If it’s been a while since you worked out, or you just started your fitness journey these videos will benefit you. 

Madfit has one main goal in mind when creating their workout videos and that is to inspire everyone of all fitness levels to get active and reach their body goals. Your goal is unique to you, perhaps you are aiming to lose weight, increase endurance, build muscle or tone your muscles. Regardless of your goal you set for yourself, these videos offer such a range of workouts that you will find something that works for you. 

Workouts include:

  • Interval training focused on legs, arms and core.
  • Cardio and HIIT workouts focused on burning calories.

9. P.Volve

P.Volve videos are the holy grail of low-impact workouts. Low impact workouts are easier on your joints, increase your joint mobility, and they lower your risk for injury. These workouts are great for older women, and also young women who want to give her joints a break. These workouts are also great for women who are pregnant. 

The type of workouts you can expect from this channel are low-impact workouts that involve micro movements designed to sculpt your body and improve balance. 

Some workouts you will find on this channel include:

  • Lower back strengthening workouts
  • Full body sculpt 
  • Upper body workout
  • Yoga and meditation 
  • Plank and core workouts. 

These micro-movements might look easy at first but after a couple of repetitions, you are guaranteed to feel the burn. These videos are ideal for home workouts because they require little equipment, they are easy to follow, and help you tone your body by firming up your muscles. 

10. Blogilates

Blogilates is a pilates video that mixes in ab, glutes, and cardio workouts. Instructor Casey Ho is a trained pilates and fitness instructor. 

Casey is focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals and become your healthiest self. Whether that means losing weight or just toning your muscles. 

Her workout videos are only 14 minutes long, which is ideal for busy women who have families to care for or busy careers. Blogilates are a good introduction to pilates workouts, with the added cardio making the workouts more challenging. These workouts are a combination of low impact and cardio that also focus on form correction. 

You have the option to join one of Caseys month or seven-day workout challenges, which is an excellent way to stay motivated and to follow a workout regime. Her challenges include:

  • 7 day ab challenge – This focuses on core and ab workouts.
  • 7 day booty workout – These workouts are focused on glutes.
  • 7 day to slim thighs- You can expect lots of leg raises, leg lifts, and squats 
  • 21 day tone challenge – These videos will include lots of low impact pilates style workouts to tone your entire body. Each day the video will focus on a different body part. 

Explore these different YouTube home workout videos. Find which instructor works best with you or incorporate a variety of home workout classes from different YouTube channels into your workout schedule. Now you can save money on gym memberships and work out in the comfort of your own home. 

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