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The Paleo diet is a relatively new thing, yet the idea of it has been around for longer than you or I could count to (at least in one sitting). Hailing back to the Paleolithic period from which its namesake comes, the Paleo diet challenges you to eat only food which people would have been able to eat back then. That means nothing manufactured and a lot of meat.

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Unfortunately, in a modern world of microwave conveniences and packaged products, that’s not quite as easy as you might think. Dairy, for instance, cannot be eaten when you’re on the Paleo diet. However, some places do make it easier than others. They make eating Paleo practically a walk in the park.

So, where are these perfect places for eating Paleo? Here’s our list of the best places for eating Paleo based on ordinary food and how easy it is to get.


At the top of our list of perfect places for eating Paleo, we’re sticking Iceland. Is this because it’s the easiest place to access to diet? Kind of, but not really. Is this because it’s got the best Paleo options? Also, not really. Is it because it’s got the tastiest (in our opinion) options? Yes.


The range of fresh Atlantic fish you can get in Iceland is amazing. We’re talking the Atlantic Char, a huge number of different cod varieties, wild Salmon, and more. Plus, with Iceland’s location on the map, and the local climate, the fish tastes better than it does from everywhere else – for some reason. Other meat is also looked after more naturally. For instance, when it comes to eating lamb, the sheep are left to wander the countryside and mountains by themselves, until they are to be slaughtered. They live their entire lives the way they’re supposed to, and this makes the meat incredibly tasty.

You’ve also got access to a lot of different varieties of vegetables here. A lot of the produce in Iceland is actually grown in Iceland as well, so it’s not only fresh, but it’s local too. Can’t get much more Paleolithic than that.


If you’re looking to stick to the Paleo Diet then you should seriously consider not just moving to China, but actually living there. As a country with so many people and not quite as developed as the West yet, a lot of meat products you buy are what you see. There’s no preservatives (or at least, very little), not chemicals, and probably a big chunk of bone. When you buy meat in China, you see where it comes from, not just presented to you in a plastic box.

Fresh vegetables

Vegetables are also easy to find and cheap! Head to one of the Chinese vegetable markets and you’ll have access to pretty much anything you want. The vegetables are all fresh and perfect for mixing with some meat to make some kind of stew. Just make sure to avoid added MSG!

Miami, USA

The USA is hit and miss when it comes to eating Paleo. A lot of places have tended to move over to packaging everything with unnatural additives and preservatives. However, there are also a lot of places which have good, wholesome, Paleo food. One of the best places for eating Paleo is Miami.

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In Miami, besides learning to surf and exploring Little Havana, you also need to try the Cuban cuisine. It tastes incredible. Moreover, with its ingredients being as natural as possible, you’re pretty much guaranteed a Palo-ok meal from anything you order off of the menu. We’re putting down Miami as number 1 for the USA.


Thailand is another perfect place to visit if you want to stay Paleo-ok whilst on the road. The food here tastes great and tends to conform to paleodietary needs. Make sure to try out the street food, this is one of the best sources of try Paleo-ok food. Most of it is cooked using relatively simple recipes and comes with some pretty great sauces. Moreover, a lot of places in Thailand tend to use Coconut and Red palm oil, both of which are Paleo-ok.

Thai food stand

You can always ask sellers what their food contains. However, don’t expect anyone to understand you when you talk about Paleo. You’re much for likely to get favorable reactions when eating out in expensive restaurants, but expensive restaurants every night doesn’t make for one of the perfect places for eating Paleo.

New Zealand

A country full of countryside and farmers, you can’t really get a more Paleo friendly place. Moreover, with the country’s incredible beauty and areas which look exactly the same as scenes from Lord of the Rings, New Zealand might be one of the most perfect places for eating Paleo.

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All cattle sold in New Zealand is grass fed, and cheaper than the grain fed alternatives. Raw Milk is also available direct from farmers – which are easy to find. Which means it doesn’t have any factory additives. Most of the time, you’ll even be able to find farmers by the side of the road selling produce. Moreover, with the sun being so strong in this part of the world, vegetable produce tends to grow incredibly fast, meaning there is an abundance of vegetables and fruits on offer as well.

Staying Paleo Means Paying Attention to the Details

Sticking to the Paleo diet is easier than you might think, you just have to make sure to pay attention to the details. Oil can be a particular problem, especially due to the high prevalence of vegetable oil around the world. Make sure to check for healthier alternatives like Palm Oil and Coconut oil. Agness always makes sure to pop in Coconut oil when she’s cooking Paleo, it’s easy to come by and it tastes great.


Next time you’re out on an adventure around the world and don’t have access to your Paleo staples, explore the local food markets a little. Almost everywhere offer something which is Paleo safe, the five places above just happen to make it a lot easier.

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Have you tried a paleo-based diet? If so, what was your experience? Do you struggle to maintain your exercise routine on Paleo diet? Share it in comments.

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  1. Not a fan of paleo…too much meat for me…and legumes ain’t even allowed..that’s a no-go for me. Love protein rich beans and lentils.
    Happy New Year, Agness!

  2. I’ve never been to Iceland and SO WANT TO GO! Gorgeous scenery. And you’ve just given me another reason. 🙂 Fun read — thanks. And Happy New Year!

  3. I have an autoimmune disease that requires I cut out a LOT of food groups, but I feel my best when I eat a strict version of paleo. Think vegetables and chicken with avocado. HA. This is a great compilation for a post, and now I’m hungry!

  4. i’ve had my eye on iceland because it looks so gorgeous there from all the pictures i’ve seen, but i forgot about the fish! dreaming about that salmon (:

  5. I’ve got a serious case of wanderlust just thinking about all of these exciting destinations. I didn’t realize there could be such an abundance of healthy food options out there!

  6. We don’t always follow the paleo diet, but I definitely 100% support the idea of wondering off the beaten track and exploring local food markets. They are often fascinating, and you find things that you can’t find back home. Thanks for the fun post!


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