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As a traveler, you might know that it can be difficult to continue with the training routine and healthy eating on the road. Yeah, I can admit it can be tough, but with little of discipline you can stay fit during your trips and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you will need more preparation and time in the beginning, but soon, you will see that it’s pretty simple to combine travelling with a healthy lifestyle. In this article, I’m going to share with you some tips that help me to stay fit during my trips.

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Also, you won’t only work on a healthy lifestyle as your discipline levels will rise through the roof!

#1 Regular HIIT Workout

When you’re on the road, especially on a tight budget, you know it may be hard to work out in the gym. It’s not a single problem as there are many other possibilities. One of my favorite and most effective ways to stay in good form is HIIT workout that can be done anywhere.

The main goal of this workout is to combine as many exercises in a short interval of time. Also, the resting periods are very short, so if be careful if you’re a faint-hearted!

Hiit Training

One of my favorite routines is sprinting in the rounds. A great thing about it is that you can perform it on the beach! You can do 6 rounds of 6 sprints of 60 meters with the 60 seconds rest between the sprints. It’s easy to memorize this routine as everything starts with 6. Depending on your current fitness levels, you can start off with 100% sprints and reduce it by 10% with each round. After you complete 6 runs, you’re done with one round and take a rest for 2 minutes. The whole training will take you around 45 minutes.

#2 Regular Running Sessions

Running won’t take you much time from your week, but it’s a great way to kickstart your day! I have one running session per week that lasts for one hour. If you don’t have that much time, you can break the session is a few shorter sessions and run several times per week. It’s up to you and how you organize your time. If you have the beach in the current place, there is no better feeling than running on the beach and having a swim after you’re done with the session.

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Having the regular running sessions improves your cardiovascular system, help you in losing the excess weight and most importantly help you in maintaining a fit body. I love running sessions when I’m travelling because it has so many benefits and the most important thing for me is that you can explore the place while you make yourself healthier. If you are not a huge fan of running, there is plenty of home cardio exercises you can do to improve your cardiovascular health.

If you’re not just a regular tourist, but someone who enjoys off-the-beaten paths of the place, integrate running into your weekly routine.

#3 Drink Enough Water

This one is very general advice that is not applicable only to travellers, but every person. I know it’s easier said than done and I struggle to drink enough water during some days. The average grown human body consists around 60% of water. If you don’t intake enough water during the day it will lead to dehydration that leads to impaired body functions.

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To have a healthy and functioning mind and body, it’s advisable to drink around 3 litres of water per day. There are many benefits and the fact that the brain is composed of 73% makes it even more crucial. The enough water intake will lead to better memory, higher focus, easier weight loss and most importantly your muscles will be stronger and better prepared for a workout.


My advice is never to leave the accommodation without the bottle of water. That way the water will always be with you and you can easily refill it once it’s empty. That way, I manage to keep my body fit and hydrated during the days.

#4 Stay Active

This one is one of the easiest ways to stay fit while travelling. The importance is on moving and walking. Don’t become stagnant during your travels, but look for the opportunities to stay active. If I’m going to visit a tropical island, I will always find the way to explore the beauty of it by walk and do a lot of swimming. If there is an amazing nature in the place you’re visiting, then it’s easy just to explore the place walking around. That way, you will explore the place through different perspective as you’ll be able to see the things for more details. Another great thing is that you’re staying active while doing that.

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If you find yourself in a big city, resist the need of using the public transportation. Instead, try to walk if the distance isn’t too big or rent a bicycle and enjoy the city through a different perspective. There are hundreds of ways to stay active during your trips. Just be creative and share some tips with me!

If your hotel has a gym, be sure to check it out! Even ten minute of intense session on any type of rowing machines or any types of treadmills would be great for your body and maintaining your exercise habit.

#5 Eating Paleo Diet

During my travels, I always try to stick to Paleo Diet. Sometimes it may be a hard thing to do as it’s hard to stick to a routine when travelling, but you can implement it in your travel lifestyle. Paleo Diet is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy as you only eat a whole food filled with macro nutrients that promote the healthy body function and fat loss.

Lunch on Thulusdhoo Island

It can be tempting to me from time to time not to skip that fast food restaurant, but when you know your goals and it’s aligned with your lifestyle, it’s not that hard to say no! Eating Paleo Diet has so many benefits for your well-being that only increase the quality of your travelling experiences.

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If you’re visiting some place for an extended period, you can easily cook the food at home. I advise, if you choose that way, to cook all the food for the next day in advance. That way you won’t lose so much time and you can focus more on travelling and exploring. If you plan to stay in one place for a few days, you can always check the local restaurants that serve the whole food.

How Do You Stay Fit on Your Travels?

Good luck on keeping yourself healthy and fit! Have you tried to implement any of my tips in your lifestyle? Do you have any other suggestions or advice for the travellers that can be easily applicable?

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  1. Great tips Agness, I always try and drink enough water and eat healthy. Depending on where we travel we usually walk everywhere that we can…..have a great week-end.

  2. That beach looks amaaaazing! I wanna be there right now! *-* I’m really bad about #3, but I do try to do something active for most if not all of my vacations/travels! :]!

  3. Dave and I tend to walk a lot when we travel. And if there is a gym where we are staying then we go for a quick session in the afternoons. However, I eat whatever I want when we travel as that is part of the experience for me 🙂

  4. These are great tips, Agness! When I’m traveling for work, I can usually do a good job staying on target, but traveling for fun is a different game. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Stay active! That would be my number one tip whilst travelling for work Agness and I can see you agree too. I also insist that my work puts me in hotels where there is a gym. I’m lucky to be disciplined enough to get up early and do my running then, so as long ad there is a tread mill in that hotel, I’m happy! Thanks for sharing these excellent tips and your pictures too Agness. I’d love to see more of your tropical pictures. 🙂

  6. Thanks for your tips. It’s so hard to maintain your fitness when travelling. I try to stay at hotels that have decent fitness facilities.

  7. it’s hard for me to eat healthy while traveling because i want to soak up the cuisine as much as i can! and yes about just walking and exploring everywhere. it doesn’t even feel like i’m staying active because i get to experience all sorts of new things (:

  8. Some really wonderful tips here and I like the swim in the ocean after exercise best 😀 When I travel I walk ways more – and I mean way more – then when I am at home so I actually get more exercise on vacation.

  9. My husband and I always try to stay active while traveling, and all of these tips are wonderful! I especially love running or hiking — it’s a great way to enjoy the view while you exercise!

  10. Great tips to maintain a healthy routine while you’re traveling!That way you can enjoy without any guilt and its also fun to explore places with walks and hikes 🙂

  11. Excellent tips and beautiful photos of you. I’m now feeling extremely guilty about my lack of exercise. Better get out for a walk xx


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